How true! So often do we hear that we should not quit. That we should keep going, keep doing what we are doing. 

But then there are the things we need to give up. The things we need to quit. So overwrite the message of not quitting, not giving up, not stopping. 

Pause and think about what you need in your life and what is healthy for you or not and then decide what’s worth keeping up or what you need to let go of…

12 thoughts on “Quitter

  1. You get wiser every week!
    And, sorry, but I couldn’t help but note that your quote about not failing until you quit trying came from Gordon Hinckley, who is the president of the Mormon church. I fear that this thought went from him to the many missionaries of that faith who probably feel like they have failed if people they aim to convert do not actually follow through and become church members.

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