It’s Not This Time Of The Year Without…

… cookies. It’s really just not this time of the year without cookies. Cookies just simply belong to Christmas, like the reindeer belong to Santa.

And that makes it so hard sticking to an eating plan, right (oh, no, no excuses…)?! Because first you have to make the dough and we all know how nice dough tastes… Then you bake the cookies and the entire house smells like delicious cookies. And then you take them out of the oven and you have to look at them while they cool down and smell so delicious…

Then you put them away in their beautiful containers, still smelling so yummy… Some of them you might even put in little bags and put a nice ribbon on it too, to close it, so that it makes a nice little gift. They look good, they smell good and they taste oh so delicious!

That’s when temptation tests you… one cookie is okay. Two you might get away with. Three you might put a little bit of extra workout in. But then… Then you are suddenly lost in the cookie temptation. Lost…

So for another year I honestly ask myself: Should I bake cookies? The question was answered just a little moment ago, when my daughter asked me when we finally start baking Christmas cookies… I guess, I can’t get around it and the only thing I can hope for is, that I can stay on top of the temptation to eat them all at once…

eating sesame street cookie cookie monster

24 thoughts on “It’s Not This Time Of The Year Without…

  1. We made sugar cutout cookies every year until 2013. We used my house. Now no room. However we tried a couple of years ago. Not bad. There are some great recipes out there, depending on what you prefer. I like the buttery sugar cookies with frosting.

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  2. Happy HoliDaZe to U an UrZ dis’ 2016 seasons end…. momma
    an have a splendid new year 2! hay didn’t ur momma tell u not to eat raw dough!
    shame on U 🙂 smiles across da’ miles!

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  3. Guetzlizyt. Yes I remember the good old days when I spent the week-end in the kitchen and made about 10 different sorts of them. Everyone loved them. So did I, but it was an exhausting job and having two sons meant there was no daughter around to help “ausstechen”. Even I forget the english word now and again. May I show Off

    As a golden oldie, I no longer continue this tradition. It was something I did not know in England, but it is a great tradition. You just have the stamina to see it through. My favourite was the good old mailanderli. Betty Bossi was quite a good help with her suggestion.
    Have a nice tasty Christmas

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