Blast From The Past – Summer As I Used To Know It

It was a really hot day today. A day I spent inside due to work commitments. It would have been the perfect day to head to the beach. It’s was also one of those days that make you aware of the fact that summer is here. And it makes me think back to the summers spent in Switzerland. They are so very different to the ones here…

Summer, beautiful summer. When you think of it you think of sunshine and warm weather, maybe heat, swimming and sunbathing. You think of summer holidays.

When I think back on how summer used to be in Switzerland I think of green fields, blue sky, green mountain tops. I think of sitting being outside all day, enjoying the sun, maybe go for a swim in a nearby lake or in the public swimming pool.

For me it was also the time of getting much earlier and taking the horses to their pasture, to then be able to go for a ride before it got too warm. It was the days we finally could take off our sweaters and put on shorts or skirts, we could go for bike rides or just for hikes and spend time outside until way after sunset, not only enjoying eating outside, having barbecues but also a refreshing drink.

But it was not only about sunshine and warm weather, playing and chilling. Summer was also the busiest time for me work wise. The time almost all of the events I worked for were taking place. The time I had to shift into higher gears.

Living in the mountains in summer also meant that heatwave a could be handled perfectly as it always cooled down during the night. It meant amazing and powerful electric storms and sometimes, just sometimes we also got snow in summer. Well… Needless to say that I definitely don’t miss that.

Times were different when I grew up. Not everything was available throughout the year. So when summer was finally hear it also meant eating strawberries, raspberries and all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It was the time for salads, the time to eat watermelons, sitting on the shore of the lake, wet hair and participating in the who spits the pits the furthest.

Summer was short where I grew up. For my liking way to short. It should have started earlier and lasted longer. But then it would have taken away from fall and that would have been a pity too.

This post is inspired by a comment Corinne from Wasted Days And Wasted Nights made a while ago. I already wrote about the differences in the other seasons like Winter in Switzerland or Australia or Spring in Switzerland or Australia. Thank you for the inspiration, Corinne. It’s also a way to show you all my world. So I hope you enjoy it…

14 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Summer As I Used To Know It

  1. It sounds like summers were much milder in Switzerland, and it usually isn’t overly hot over there. In Australia, as you might have experienced, sometimes there are heatwaves for a few days and being on relatively flat land, it can be hard to cool down until well after the heatwave has passed. I’m every bit the summer girl and enjoy the heat, but sometimes when it gets 40’C and above for a few days straight, I start thinking it is a bit too much. Today was certainly warm, and a bit windy here where I am and it gave me a good dose of hayfever lol πŸ˜›

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    • Oh, yes, I know. Melbourne is crazy, isn’t it? After this Sunday I think we will be up for a ride again, especially as they say that December will be a dry and hot one. But then, thanks to Melbourne being Melbourne we know we will not have to deal with it for too long as there always is a change around the corner…

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  2. Seasons are really important. Summer is great but you are absolutely spot on when you say if it had lasted any longer it would take away from autumn. I remember living in Egypt and I really needed Autumn with every fibre in my body. And every day I was rewarded with relentless heat, blue cloudless skies and sun

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