20 thoughts on “Tell Your Daughter

  1. Yes. Yes. Yes and Yes. Being a Princess in the 21st century is such a waste of time because there are no longer knights in shining armour to sweep us off our feet. And there are no longer any suitable kingdoms over which one might reign😏

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    • Hahahaha… yup. But having said that, the princesses nowadays also know how to defend themselves and take things in their own hands. We don’t need the knights anymore πŸ˜‰


  2. we also need to stop telling them they are pretty …our focus should be the person they are, not how that person looks. Too many focus solely on their appearance and end up with horrible body images.

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  3. And what’s up with this whole sleeping in a glass display case until some dude comes along to rescue you and let you cook and clean for him “ever after”? Advice to the “princess”: Don’t kiss the frog. A talking frog is worth a heck of a lot more than a wandering prince.

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    • I know!!! The kiss of a stranger and then he takes you away from all our friends to his “castle” in order for being his for the rest of your life… not really what I want my daughter to do… And good point about the frog…

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  4. My daughter asked me to make her a t-shirt a couple years ago. She’s 43, divorced and supports herself. The t-shirt says “Self Saving Hippy Princess.” I tell her all those things but have found she had to discover them in herself to finally believe it. She would like a companion through life but says she won’t fall apart without one. There is another one she wants that I keep up as a screen saver that says “I’m not a princess, I don’t need saving. I’m a queen, I’ve got this sh*t handled.” It’s on my to do list. I love your list and have saved it.

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