Self Cleaning House

You know what? I would so totally love that! Imagine how amazing it would be?! I really don’t like cleaning (I clean the most when I’m upset, stressed or angry…) and I usually do it totally unorganized. And when it finally seems to be clean you can bet that either the dogs or some other family members (maybe their guests) manage to make a mess again… Or myself. I tend to make the biggest mess right after having cleaned. It’s almost like a curse…

Waking up to a clean house every day would be fantastic, especially if it would be a self cleaning house…

26 thoughts on “Self Cleaning House

  1. If Wishes were Horses, Beggars would Ride.
    Firstly China has to make this “Self Cleaning” house, but definitely it would come with numerous Robots.
    I too hate to “cleanup”. I prefer paying someone to do it for me.

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  2. Yes. Put me down for one too. Though following on from Cattie…
    there’s all the thing about managing the Robots. They’ll talk to the neighbours, discuss rates of pay. They’ll need holidays and paid sickness absence. You’ll have to get policies for equality and health and safety. And whistle blowing because you’re bound to mess up and give them toxic cleaning solutions and forget to tell them not to drink it. Then if they’re from China they’ll smoke, so they’ll need you to build them cigarette shelters in the garden. You’ll need a constant supply of drinking water, maintained at the correct temperature. You’ll need to offer flexible hours so they can do the school run.
    Finally if they don’t work you’ll still have to pay them. (it’s in their contract.)

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  3. Really, that is THE Christmas present!!! My boys are nice and trying to accomplish their duties but it never is as I would do it… so a self-cleaning house would be a dream come true!

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  4. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I knew a woman who had taught her children so well that everyone picked up after themselves and neatly folded their clothes and placed them in their appropriate places. I was so impressed but as I got a closer look I realized, my goodness they were the dullest people ever! I never saw a bunch of people more devoid of personality and pizzazz than they. So, maybe there’s a plus to not being too neat or too clean. Clean is always important, but neat, well … just throw it out the window.

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