Watching the sun set, listening to the waves and spotting a turtle, a dolphin or even a whale. Nothing more beautiful and relaxing as this. Especially when shared with someone you love so very much…

Sometimes though, I drift off. I “leave” this world, let my thoughts wander, dream and enter a different world. It’s all part of relaxing too, right? Some call it dreaming. Some might even call it a pipe dream. I sometimes call it dreaming too but I also call it my way of meditation. I know that you should switch your thoughts off when you meditate. But I can’t. I let them loose. I let them go wherever they want to go, only keeping them away from negative things. It’s nice when you “go places” in your mind. When you dream with your eyes open and escape reality in that sense and head to a place where you feel free and light…

16 thoughts on “Relax

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