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WordPress has launched a new “design” of it’s reader. Or better a new organization. Part of their new and improved campaign that often does not really feel that improved. To be honest, when I read Cindy’s post about it this morning I thought it would be worse.

I have checked it out and I have to say that the shorter bits of the posts of blogs I follow seem to make it actually easier for me to chose which ones I want to read right away. Personally I find it actually visually better. I also have not seen any posts just yet of blogs that I don’t follow.

As Cindy has pointed out, WordPress is planning to put posts in our readers of blogs we don’t follow. Featured posts if you want so.

Now that’s honestly something that annoys me.

I feel like those posts get forced on me. So far I had the option of heading to what once was called “Freshly Pressed” or now to “Discover” to find new blogs. Blogs that most definitely deserve a special mention and often I’m glad that I headed there to find them in the list of highlighted posts. But it was MY choice.

Now, if I understand it correctly, this choice is taken away from me. And that’s something I truly dislike. As always I guess there is not much we can do. I would prefer though, to keep my freedom of choice here. To be able to chose which blogs I want to see pop up in my reader.

As with most of WordPress’ changes over the short time I’m blogging I will probably get used to this one too but the feeling of being pushed into something I’m not comfortable with will remain…


32 thoughts on “WordPress’ New Reader…

  1. I do like the changes. It gives more content on the screen which I like. The suggested posts from WordPress users can be a good thing especially if they are ones you might be interested in which I think might be the case.

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  2. I don’t know. I don’t like change, except when they give me too much at the check-out stand, but then I have an ethical dilemma, whether to remain silent and keep the illicit profit or to point it out and gain the moral high ground. I’m too confused to decide, so let WordPress do whatever it will and I’ll not comment further on it.

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  3. I like the change so far, so that is good. I never do very well with change, but since I don’t have much of a choice, I will see how this goes.

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  4. I just wish they would feature anyone’s blog in the mix, not only their elite chosen ones. Also, I’m having difficulty discerning between blog posts, or focusing…I have severe ADD and prominent borders help when having to focus on such a plethora of content. I”m seriously having difficultly making out what is what on this feed.

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    • Oh I see. That makes sense so for you it must be really difficult. And what you said in regards to featuring all of us… well how nice would that be.. but then imagine… there are so many out there…

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      • Well I mean I’m sure there is a feature to just randomize it all, where you could filter a few settings based on what you read and content. It’s not like they have to manually add individual blogs.

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    • Hi there! I’m one of the folks who works on the Reader. Thanks so much for your feedback, I can definitely see how the new layout could be more distracting. It definitely requires a bit more eye movement to get from post to post. It’s something we’ve been discussing a lot amongst the team and something we’ll continue to work on.

      As for who gets featured in the recommended posts, it’s not just our select few, it’s actually driven by the places you’ve shown interest in on WordPress.com. When you follow a site, like a post or leave a comment, we take that into consideration when building the recommendations. In a way, it’s actually driven by you, not by us. We do use editor’s picks when the person using the Reader has not used it much yet, but over time, that falls off.

      The other thing is that the more sites you follow, the less often Recommended Posts will appear. One of the big problems new folks have with the Reader is finding sites to follow and communities to become part of, so when you’re starting out, we want to expose you to a selection of what’s out there. But over time, as you settle in and find sites you like, that’s less important, so we scale it back.

      I hope that helps explain some of the reasoning behind the changes. We’re constantly working on it, and we’re listening to any feedback folks have. Thanks for taking the time to write down yours!

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      • Oh I understood, and I was actually excited right at first when I saw there were new blogs suggested, because reaching outside of my bubble is sometimes difficult. And I use the reader quite often, have for two years, but still for the first two days the ONLY blogs that were being suggested, and I clicked every one I could focus on, was a Discover or freshly pressed. But today, just before you sent this message I finally found one that was not discover and felt excited. Not that I don’t love discover, but then there is that shed of hope that perhaps I have the equal opportunity, since I pay equal the amount as those users.

        I thank you soooo much for getting back to me.

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  5. I find it okay, if the Reader become more easy to overview, but I agree with you, that it is annoying, if I need to get even more in my Reader, than I ask for. I follow more than enough blogs for now, otherwise I will never get to visit these.

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      • Hi! That’s definitely something we thought about when building recommendations. The more sites you follow, the less often we show recommended posts. We also make the recommended posts smaller, so they don’t take up much weight in the stream as a normal post from a site you follow. Thanks for the feedback!

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      • Thanks for taking your time explaining everything. I really appreciate it and you definitely shed a much different light on all the changes.


  6. Agree with you. I like it how I can glance at more blogs I want to follow at one go. But the idea of putting blogs into the Reader I don’t follow, now that annoys me. For one, I feel like I follow and support a lot of blogs, and I do like reading quality blogs or blogs that resonate with me. I really don’t want to be scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to make sure I’ve caught up with all posts.

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    • Yup, my thoughts exactly. I chose who I wanted to follow and I’d like to focus on them and not get lost in blogs I did not choose to follow. There is always a way to discover them and I do go out there and discover new ones. So why forcing them on us?

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  7. Mixed feelings about the changes. It does seem easier to scroll through the Reader, but I hate what it does to photos, chopping them off as they see fit. Cindy’s blog is a perfect example of that…her headless eagles ! I have seen those recommended posts, which you can “X” out of…to show a lack of interest. But they immediately replace them with another…that’s a bit annoying. For me, it’s all still free, so I guess I’ll accept the changes and move along.

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