End Of The Year And New Horizons


Every year at this point I wonder where I will be 12 months from now. It’s the time to reflect on the last months but also to look forward and make plans.

I struggle with the idea of new years resolutions. Not only because I know how hard they are to keep but also because I find that we don’t have to wait for a new year to start in order to change something in our routine, in our life. We have this chance every month, every week, every given day.

You go to bed in the evening reflecting on the day you just spent and able to adjust your way of dealing with things for the next day. You can make small decisions then but also major ones but for some reason making the big ones seems much harder on a day to day basis than at the end of the year. I ask you though: Is the change of the year not just a day that ends and a new one that begins?

I guess while we look at our day to days as little steps in the big picture the change of the year marks much more. While the change of days are just our little steps on our way to somewhere, the change of the year feels like it opens new horizons to us. As if we get the chance to really change our ways. As if we enter new ground.

As motivating as this can be as dangerous it can also be to look at it that way. Too big is the chance of getting disappointed when you realize that a Monday in the new year actually feels no different to a Monday in the year that has past. So while we are here, some of us looking forward so very much to the new year to come and to be finally able to draw a line under a challenging “old” year, we need to ask us one question: Are we ready to actually trigger the changes we so hope for?

As beautiful as a new horizon might seem, it will start looking different the moment we realize that we brought all our issues, worries and problems along in our baggage. Very soon we will realize that the most beautiful horizon will not be able to make us feel any better as long as we hang on to our old stuff. And that’s just like it is with the new year.

As long as we keep carrying along all our issues we will drag them into the new year that we hope to be so very different and by doing this we actually we never give it a chance to be better.

With a new year, a new day there always comes a new chance for us to make things different. We just need to take that chance and actually do it. The change is in us. We are the ones in control.

Make sure that when you see the new horizon you are ready to embrace it, ready to enjoy it and ready to choose the path you so wish it will take you down…


18 thoughts on “End Of The Year And New Horizons

  1. I see it similar (surprise…lol)! To me, the first of January is basically the day after December 31st. It is more a symbol to me that we celebrate new beginnings and appreciate what made us get to that point. Every year we lay so many seeds which unfold the next year. What I wonder on every ending year is what all might unfold of the seeds I sowed – as you said: each week, each month, each given day! A lot of seeds and big changes may (hopefully finally) unfold next year… working on it!

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  2. I think setting new year resolutions can be self defeating. Yet, there’s something reflective in it and yes, we can see change and strides we’ve made if that is what we choose to focus on, not where I may have fallen short. It’s a new dawn, a new day, like any other.

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