RIP George Michael

I usually don’t do posts like this. I find it’s not my place. But today I can’t help myself. 2016 has claimed another big name, another wonderful artist.

Just yesterday I posted one of my favorite Christmas songs, “Last Christmas” by Wham. While I was preparing our Christmas dinner I played all kind of Christmas music and when this song comes up I usually skip it back so many times that even my daughter, who loves the song almost as much as I do asks me to not play it again. While it was playing my husband and I started talking about George Michael, Wham and their songs. We sort of ended the conversation wondering if George Michael would produce something new soon.

I guess that question is now answered.

There was a post I shared in one of my picks of the week this year. It was about the theory that in 2016 many of the great ones will leave this world. I couldn’t find it but will keep digging and will reblog. It was a very interesting theory and I have to say that over the last months I thought about it very often. Every time one of the great people I personally new or I admired passed away.

I like to think that they all catch up now. Somewhere out there, up there. That they have a chat about their achievements or just about the weather. That they do what they loved doing the most. I hope they have their peace now, all of them. In another place.

25 thoughts on “RIP George Michael

  1. Yeah, I saw this go past my feed on Facebook. It’s not just that 2016 is a terrible year for celebrities, it’s that celebrities are getting older. I mean think about it. We didn’t even have television, pop music, and such until the 1950’s. You know? We’re all getting older… and so we’ll watch our stars fade out as we do too.

    But, damn, George Micheal was my age… Rest in peace, dude, rest in peace.

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  2. I posted too. I am still in a shock. George Michael and Wham started their careers when we were teenagers. So we grew up with them. They were part of our own history. This comes so completely unexpected and to me, it is the hardest loss this year. Perhaps also because of the day he chose. As I wrote in my post: Last Christmas has gotten a new meaning… 😢

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  3. I was surprised by the news and how much of a sense of loss I felt. Being the same age, I felt I kind of grew up with him and grew through things with him. A sad loss of talent and resiliency. Harlon

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  4. This post, and all the other musical artists we lost in 2016, reminded me of this tune from 1974. “Rock and Roll Heaven” celebrated a number of popular singers who’d died tragically and too young. This talks about numerous music stars who died too young. First verse: “Jimi gave us rainbows” is Jimi Hendrix. “Janis took a piece of our hearts” is Janis Joplin. “Otis took us all to the dock of the bay” is Otis Redding. “Remember Jim that way” is Jim Morrison. Second verse: “Jimmy touched us with that song” is Jim Croce. “Bobby gave us ‘Mack the Knife'” is Bobby Darin.

    Maybe the lyrics can/should be rewritten and updated? The sentiments would surely remain the same, with Prince, George M, David B, and maybe the addition of Michael J and others that don’t immediately come to mind.

    If you believe in forever
    Then life is just a one-night stand
    If there’s a rock and roll heaven
    Well you know they’ve got a hell of a band, band, band

    Jimmy gave us rainbows
    And Janis took a piece of our hearts
    And Otis brought us all to the dock of a bay
    Sing a song to light my fire
    Remember Jim that way
    They’ve all found another place
    Another place to play


    Remember bad bad Leroy Brown
    Hey Jimmy touched us with that song
    Time won’t change a friend we came to know
    And Bobby gave us Mack the Knife
    Well look out, he’s back in town
    They’ll all be there together
    When they meet in one big show


    There’s a spotlight waiting
    No matter who you are
    Cause everybody’s got a song to sing
    Everyone’s a star
    (Everybody’s got to be a star)

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