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One of my “hobbies” is people watching. When I’m traveling or having a coffee somewhere on my own or while I’m waiting I love to just sit there and watch people around me. I love to watch the dynamic, love to see the interaction (if there is any) between a group of people. And I love to think about what their background might be. What is their story? What are there dreams, where are they heading? What goes on in their mind?

And while I wonder what might be stories form in my head. I imagine where they came from, imagine what they are doing, imagine where they are heading. I imagine their struggles and their joys. Most likely their life is more boring than what I make of it. But who knows… Maybe it’s much more exciting.

For some the guy with in his suit waiting for the train, holding his briefcase is just a guy who goes to work. What if he is a spy though? A spy with spicy information tucked in his suitcase? What if his background is not a university degree but some kind of crazy spy training?

What if the slightly overweight woman looking so confused in the supermarket is actually superwoman in disguise? Well… hang on, we all are super women, of course, but here I’m talking about THE superwoman. What if she just pretends to be slightly “out of it” in order to not stand out while following a mean villain?

What if the stunning woman dressed in high end cloths, who seems to have everything under control while apparently trying to find something in her purse actually has no money left and no clue how to feed her children when she gets home?

What if the guy who plays so nicely with his kids and seems to be the first in line to win the “Dad Of The Year Award” is a real dickhead with them at home?

What if the guy of the couple who seem to be so deeply in love beats the crap out of her when they are back at their place?

An appearance is something really interesting, don’t you think? It’s deceiving. But maybe it’s not the appearance that is deceiving but rather they way we like to see things. Because we all see things in a slightly different way. We make our own story to it. We imagine, wish for and wonder about different things. And that influences how we picture them. I find it interesting to hear the different stories and in that sense get an idea of all the different kind of thinking.

Years ago I did a course in astrology and part of it was looking at a picture of a woman and then tell a story about her. It was so very interesting to hear all those different ways of seeing this woman and “her” story. The range went from incredibly sad to highly confident, from flirty to shy. And it shows how different we look at things. It also shows that we might give it a spin that is related to our current situation or our history. We read into it in a way that is influenced by what we went through or are stuck in.

Now, would you play a little game with me? Would you share your take on the following picture with me? Either in the comments or by writing a story about it on your blog, linking back to this post? Tell me: What story do you see?

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22 thoughts on “People Watching

  1. He watched with trepidation. Could he keep up? Would he look like a fool? They’re so perfectly coordinated, they are perfectly in sync. Maybe I shouldn’t even try out. God, I’m nervous!

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  2. I too like people watching a lot. On a lovely day I can easily pick a shady spot in the city to sit and watch people pass by, headphones in my ears of course (heaven forbid anyone random comes up and strikes a conversation with me while I’m watching the world…)

    Love your thoughts on how a businessman in suit may be a spy. So cool šŸ˜‰ You just never know these days. Image is one thing, personality and character is another, and our history and present another thing altogether. As for the picture, I see a guy who is fascinated by something in the distance.

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  3. So creative and true- about all our perceptions. You can take that fact and run around our daily interactions with it. I think it may be why a lot of couples fight. They’re each looking at it differently and haven’t spoken about it!


  4. My take on the picture: He sees destiny and wonders, “Am I ready to tackle it” and girds himself for the inevitable march of fate…


  5. “As you wish”…it was my first thought…the Princess Bride reference. I love the way your imagination is at work in that people watching. It’s one of my favorite things to do …for a lifetime now. In the early, shy and quiet years, I never verbalized my perception. That all changed…somewhere in my 20’s ! ā¤ļø

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  6. People watching, a great way to exercise the imagination and the price is right. Back in my day of being a “road warrior,” when it seemed that even a trip down the block to the local “stop and rob” would entail a change in Atlanta, I truly believed that if God made it you could see it passing through your airport. As for the challenge, it looks like the guy is lost in a sinsemilla garden, somewhere East of Loveland, Colorado.

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