Skiing in Australia

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Yes you read that right. There is actually skiing in Australia. Those of you who are Australians might wonder why I write a post about it. Over the time blogging and every now and then mentioning the skiing in Australia I often got comments of readers who were surprised about reading it. They all told me exactly what Danny told me after commenting on one of his amazing Let Me Ask You A Question posts. They didn’t know that there is actually snow in Australia.

Who can blame them. Certainly not me. I thought exactly the same. I remember many years ago having a chat with a young Australian girl who was super excited about seeing snow when visiting Switzerland. I must have said something down the line of how special it would be for Australians to see snow and she then told me that there would be snow and maybe she even mentioned the fact that there are ski resorts but she personally had never seen snow.

I was surprised to hear that there is snow down here. I knew about snow in New Zealand and skiing there. But New Zealand is a totally different country. And Australia was always the hot country with the big desert for me. As for many others.

And then we moved to Australia. We realized that there is more than beaches and desert to this country. There are rain forests (which we knew), mountains (which we knew) and there is snow and there are ski resorts.

So the first winter we properly spent here we made the trip to one of the closer ski resorts. We were told by Australians but also expats that the skiing in Australia was mediocre (at best) and that we should not expect much. I have to say that they sell themselves short. I have so far never felt like skiing was not good down here. I think it’s actually pretty great. Maybe it’s because all I want to take out of it is having been in the snow and on the slopes again and being able to let my children experience it too. I never expected it to be the same as skiing in Switzerland or in the European Alps in general. I never expected it to be like skiing in the US. And maybe that’s why I found it so amazing.

It’s the skiing around gum trees that gets me every time. I knew that sounds strange but it’s one of the things that make me smile. Still do. Just like seeing a Kangaroo. So you ski around the gum trees in Australia and while the sun can be pretty strong all the time there are some pretty nice snow storms in our mountains too.

So yes, my friends. There is not only desert, beaches, rain forests and heat in Australia. There is also snow, rhere is skiing and there are snow storms and cold as you can see in the following pictures 🙂

29 thoughts on “Skiing in Australia

  1. Australia is a fairly big country with all kinds of terrain. It stands to reason that there would be higher altitudes that would allow for snow. 🙂 I don’t ski, but I’m glad that it’s available for those who do.

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  2. It looks like any resort in Colorado or Utah. Very nice. Thank you for your post. I would like to try it one day. But let me ask aren’t their winters opposite ours? When I was Fiji, I vaguely remember someone telling me that.

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      • okay, that’s what I thought. Good to have confirmed. I’d like to go someday. My nieces husband is from Australia. Brisbane I think He’s a city boy.
        A little trivia for you. When I was a girl graduating high school, girls were invited to move to Australia because at the time men outnumbered women and they were encouraging girls to go and the government would pay our way. I, who ended up climbing mountains was to chicken to do it, though some girls did. We were told the men were rich and lonely and you can take your pick. LOL

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      • Oh no!!! Wow… I wonder who they ended up with! I could imagine that the rich ones would travel overseas to find wives if they really needed to… sounds a bit creepy…

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      • Well, they did it many years ago in this country and surprisingly enough, data shows that most of theses mail order brides ended up in good partnerships. It is understandable though because they go in with no “pie in the sky” expectations.

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  3. Ohhh this looks great!! I went downhill skiing for the first time last year now that my husband and I are living in AK and I love it! We’ve been thinking of cool places to book a skiing/snowboarding holiday- maybe we’ll put Australia on the list!

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