It’s the choices we make that determine an outcome. Someday we make the right choice, someday we don’t. Simple in a way and yet it can have such a massive impact.

Our entire day is filled with choices. Little ones, big ones. Important ones and some that don’t seem important. Like which carriage you choose when taking a train or where you sit. But are they really so unimportant?

What about the woman who is on a trip and decides to take the next bus just because she doesn’t feel like rushing, to then only getting harassed on the bus she chose, just because she sings a song in her language? Or the guy who can take two ways home, decides on one and then gets coward punched on his way home? 

What about the man who has to go on an business trip and decides to take an Uber to the airport instead of a taxi and then the car breaks down which makes him miss the flight he would have been on, which then disappears on its route? 

Choices or chances I wondered today when I watched my train arrive…

16 thoughts on “Choices

  1. There is always a choice, always two paths… You never know what could have happened if you chose the other route… but that is fate too, I guess… you were meant to take that path, but life just lets you think you chose!

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  2. Ah… I believe that the most important aspect of all human beings is control. Or at least the illusion of control. I happen to believe in God but also free will. That’s cool because it does mean that we have choices and therefore some element of control over our lives.
    Think about it: if everything was random. And if we had no impact at all on our lives, then we’d actually just sit and do nothing. We’d also go quietly mad!

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