Nothing beats a beautiful ambience. If certain boxes are ticked it will make you relax immediately. Some of the things that can create a good ambience in my books are candles, fireplaces, lantern, torches, flowers a view but also the way people around you treat you.

A year ago I was shown first hand how much of a difference ambience can make in the way you feel when we traveled to a international competition with our son. The competition was held in one of the Casino places in Nevada and from the moment we arrived it did something to me.

While we at first enjoyed the scenery we pretty quickly got aware of the very special vibe the place had. And it was not a good one. It was somewhere between dying off and desperation of the gambler. We were booked into one of the Casinos as I guess there is no other option there. And let me tell you, it was far from being the nice flashy kind you see on TV when Las Vegas is shown. I guess it’s because we weren’t spending our time in Vegas… The ambience in the hotel lobby was not a warm, welcoming one. And it just left its note. Thankfully we only had to spend a couple of nights there but in any case it seemed too long and it was draining and the first opportunity we had we packed our bags and left although we had two more nights to spend before we traveled on.

We just couldn’t handle it any longer. So we drove a little bit and ended up in a little hotel in a beautiful place where the ambience was a very different one from the very beginning. The moment we walked into that lobby we felt as if we got recharged.

Ambience is a very important thing. If you keep it welcoming and warm it will fill you up with the exact same, positive feeling. Creating a welcoming and warm ambiance is what you should do in regards to your business but also in your home. Not only your customers or guest will thank you for it but you will get as much out of it as they do.

16 thoughts on “Ambience

  1. It is never like the image in the media. When our state opened up legal gambling…the casinos went up all over, even in poor, rural areas where it might have stimulated the economy. The lobby was elegant, but that’s where the illusion ended. There were so many desperate, angry patrons, not dressed in evening gowns and jewels, but sweatshirts, jeans, etc. It was so sad to witness. It seemed these folks were losing what little money they had in the world…kinda like the ones who line up for lottery tickets, hoping to change their life fortune.

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