Blast From The Past – When You’re Young

When you are surrounded by only young people for a while you start thinking about how it was when you were young. What ideas, visions, dreams, plans you had and maybe also how clueless you were. I experience youth on a daily base at the moment, being surrounded by a team of “kids” who are no longer kids. I admire their energy, their drive, their “innocence” and maybe even their “clueless-ness”. All of them are at a point in their life where they merge from being still sort of kids to being adults, still wild, still having that ease but also merging into this next stage where a little bit more maturity will kick in. That stage where you slowly start to center a little bit more.

I’d like to share some thoughts once more about how life is when you are young. And as always it would be great to hear your take on it πŸ˜‰

When you’re young, you’re not afraid of what comes next, you’re excited by it! – David Grohl


A strong statement by a strong singer. When I first heard it while watching “Sound City” I agreed a lot with that statement. Don’t you think it’s true too? When you are young you’re not really afraid of your future. Or at least it used to be the case when I was young.

You feel like you have everything lying out in front of you waiting for you to be ready to take the challenge. You don’t worry about the future that much, you feel challenged by it. You think you can do it all.

At one point though reality hits. You grow up. Maybe that’s what’s growing up is all about… You lose that innocence. I wonder if it is then when we start thinking too much about the past and worrying to much about the future. I wonder if we forget living in the presence the moment we “grow up”. Because I think that’s actually what Grohl is talking about. I wish I could ask him…

When you’re young you’re not afraid of what comes next. You don’t worry about the future. You are excited about every little step you take and you probably live in the now much more.

Why do we change? What is it makes us hang on to the past and worry about the future? Is it society that teaches us to work for a better future? Is it the fact that we might be in a relationship and feel responsible to build a solid base for a future family? Is it having kids and worrying about not being able to provide them with the best possible future?

But don’t we mess up our present by letting our worries take over? Can we be a good member of society if we are constantly worried? Can we be a good partner if we forget to cherish the moment and not suddenly become a burden because we are so filled up with our thoughts about what might be? Can we be a good parent if we don’t have time to spend with our children just so we can make sure they will have an easy start into their adult life? How can we possibly now they will?

Funny how I stumbled across this post just now again. Interesting that I keep coming back to the past, presence and future theme.

And then there’s that passage in the Bible. Probably the only one I remember and always will remember: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children…”

Maybe we should focus on becoming more like little children. Cherish every moment, find something beautiful in everything. Look at things through their eyes and suddenly see the beauty again. And not worry about what might be. Be sad about what makes you sad right now. And not what might have years ago.


19 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – When You’re Young

  1. Yes I agree with you.. When this change in worrying came about I can not remember or put a defining line on it.. Thinking back to my teen years I doubt I would worry half as much as the parent and grandmother I now am..
    The line you picked from the Bible is true.. Would we all live as Little children.. To live as a child is to live in the NOW Moment.. worrying not about yesterday and not a thought about tomorrow..
    I think that is the ‘Gift’ most of us are lacking.. Living in the ‘Present’!

    Have a wonderful worry free rest of the week.. Love and blessings
    Sue xx ❀

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    • Living in the present would be a blessing. But then there is all the responsibility that comes along when you become an adult. When you become a parent. It’s hard to stay in the moment, when you are responsible for at least part of the future of your children. And I guess that is where the struggles between staying in the moment and living in the past by thinking about bad experiences or living in the future in worrying about it begins…

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  2. Ooof. That’s thought provoking stuff. For me I still have teenage rebellions… My recent one had something to do with my hairdo. Saying stuff what convention says. Sometimes I giggle helplessly and make silly faces with my husband… Really enjoying being childish.
    But personally I would not like to see the world, with terror and fear, as I did as a child. I do however strive to see the world as an adult through an imaginary lens of innocence and roses. A la recherche de mon temps perdu….


  3. It demands practice to learn to live more in the moment, Sandra. I do my best to live in the moment and it took time, before I learned how to do.
    We do still have our obligations, but more than that is not needed to worry about.
    A good practice could be to look at a worry, ask ourselves what is possible to do about it?
    If we can’t do anything, why worry then? This just ruin this moment, as never will be back.
    Better to accept fact and find a way from there.

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  4. You are the second blogger I have seen (in those I regularly follow) that posted this week to remind us we should try to view the world as a child would. It’s funny, but the quote from Dave Grohl brought vividly to my mind the only dream that I really recall from my youth, which was to become the first female U.S. Secretary of State. My, what a different path my life has taken and, after spending some time with an old friend who harbored a similar dream at that time, I think I’m glad, or at least more satisfied, that I set my sights somewhat lower or, perhaps better stated, broadened them, to see what I actually did in the real life that I have had.

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