The Most Famous What Was First Question

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I think we all agree that the question about what came first, the chicken or the egg, is probably the most famous question ever. Danny even posted it in his Let Me Ask You A Question series and while I was trying to come up with the best possible way to answer it I started wondering why we always want to have an answer for everything.

Why can things not simply remain unsolved. A miracle in that sense. Something that we agree to just accept. Why do we need a scientific explanation?

This world is full of wonders, full of magic. Our body is magical. I mean just think about it. All the cells that create what makes us. The water, the skin, the blood the circulation the lungs and then break it down into the little pieces that have to come together to actually create bit by bit of everything that makes us, makes our body.

Of course we can break it down into cells all the way down to atoms and neutrons and so-ons… The question in the end will remain the same. How did it happen, how did it all come together and what actually created all of this. Just like with the chicken and the egg.

I know there are many scientists out there who crave to find the answer. But do we really need it? Can we not just look at things in awe and accept it for what it is: An unsolved mystery that will continue to amaze us.

Some questions simply don’t need an answer.


13 thoughts on “The Most Famous What Was First Question

  1. I read somewhere that it had been proven that the chicken came first, as something in the egg shell could only be produced by hens. However, there are somethings that are more interesting by not knowing.

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  2. Ok, I have stuff to say about this all… As it almost always happens when I read your posts Momma…. You are such a thought generator, my dear friend!! Thank you for that!

    The question first…

    I’d go with the chicken. Otherwise the 1st egg would have had to appear magically, which scientifics would never second as a possible option. I’d like to see a picture of the first chicken that lay this very first egg. All the other chicks probably wondering what kind of illness it suddenly had!

    I totally agree that some things can be left unexplained in life. My cat doesn’t even know chicken lay eggs, and it looks pretty dang happy anyway. In fact, aside from the cooked form of it we sometimes share with her, Freja doesn’t even know what a chicken is. I sometimes wish I was a cat.

    I remember in College (I was studying to be an optometrist) at one point, in some science class, we were talking about some sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-subdivisions of the atom, and I remember asking the teacher how in Hell scientists had achieved to see those I-don’t-remember-how-they-called-those-particules…

    And I was told no one had ever “seen” them, but all the calculations, and experiments “proved” they existed…

    I was very disappointed to say the least. And I understood at that moment that Science was a religion in some ways. Scientifics will deny it, but people in sects don’t believe they are part of one either. (not saying science is a sect here… Don’t throw rocks at me people… Pleaaaaaase! 🙂 )

    Where did my mind wander again?…. Oh yeah, the unanswered questions! I am perfectly comfortable with them, and I don’t believe it makes me a person who is not curious about life…

    But I am starting to think this looks like a post-in-a-post… so I think I’ll leave it to this 😛

    Have a great day Momma 🙂 xx

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    • Whoop whoop! Awesome comment, my dear friend. What you said about the “answer” in regards to your question and science is spot on. Isn’t it great that there are those unsolved mysteries? Can we not just leave it alone and just remain in awe of what was created in whichever way? I believe you are right, science is like a religion and maybe that’s also why religion and science have their issues 😉

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      • Earlier in life, I wanted to have answers to all my questions… I believe wisdom is in part accepting and enjoying that life is partly made of mysteries that can’t be explained 🙂 I sure leave place to unsolved questions in my life… though I’d still love to see the face of the first chicken who lay an egg LOL

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  3. I don’t have to know how my car runs or how my television works. Nor do I have to know how the flowers grow or why the birds migrate. I just have to know that things happen, and oft times, I don’t have to do anything to make them happen. They just do..

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  4. All depends on how you believe…If you believe in God the egg came first…If you believe in science it was the chicken. For me I have no clue..all I know is I love fried chicken for dinner and boiled eggs for breakfast…lol!!

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  5. We may not need to know how they work in order for them to work. However, SOMEONE needs to know in order to make it and make it work better. Imagine if the creator of the automobile or gasoline didn’t question. The same for medicines. The more we know the better prepared we can be.

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