A Strange Day

It’s a strange day today. It’s Friday and in a way you expect everyone to be happy and looking forward to the weekend. Instead though, there is this heavy feeling lingering above us all.

Not just about the fact that the Trump presidency is now as real as it can get. 

As important as the Trump “incident” is this post is not about him but an incident that occurred so much closer to home. 

And it made me think. Think about how a violent person will always be violent, especially when under influence of whichever substance. A person who beats his wife will not stop. If you raise your hand against a woman you use violence against anyone. So you don’t care. Especially or even more when under influence. You don’t care when you use your car as weapon to kill people. You don’t care if you hit innocent, happy people. Couples, elderly, men, women, kids or even babies in a pram. All you care about is you and your stupid anger. 

A family violence order was taken out on him last week. That’s what he probably cared about. Because it made him angry. He stabbed his brother this morning for whichever reason, kidnapped the woman who was in charge of the violence order and beat up her father. Then he drove to the city where she escaped. And again it’s probably what he cared about. The list of his sick control. 

A control he thought he had but never actually had. Because if you are in control then you can control your anger. If you are in control you don’t need drugs. If you are in control you don’t need violence. 

Today many people got hurt. Some lost their lives, people lost their loved ones. Parents lost their baby. And for what? Just because a sick individual throws a violent tantrum.


21 thoughts on “A Strange Day

  1. Oh how my heart breaks when any innocent child is caught up in such horrific violence! Just so tragic, but this seems to be the “way” of our world now a days. People don’t feel valued. Homes are torn asunder and children don’t know stability. If we condone the horrific abortion of late term pregnancies, what do we expect? We’ve removed any mention of God or prayer in our schools. What do we expect? Same sex couples fight for the “right” to be married but yet, the numbers of marriages ending in divorce is at an all time high. What do we expect?
    I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a tumultuous home. While my dad was a functioning alcoholic, his life was out of control and he took it out on mom. It made me act out in high school. What do we expect? I understand how easy it is to lose it – thankfully, I went in the direction with my mixed up feelings….towards helping others, not hurting them.
    Personally, I am very hopeful of a Trump presidency. We have to be careful to not get caught up in “fake” news and most of the trash about him is just that. Granted, he was not a perfect human, but neither was Obama or Clinton, who seem to be worshipped. But we saw violence increase under Obama and we saw morals decrease under Clinton. I think it will take a man like Trump, who knows and understands what it takes to build a beautiful family, in spite of his divorces (and with the rate of divorces today, I’m glad this didn’t grow legs like the other “sins” of his) and to WORK. Just look at the City of Chicago to see the absolute worst of humanity. The crime rate and homicide rate is unparalleled in any other city in our country. The Obama’s and Clinton’s said they wanted to see a peaceful transition, but yet, they never came out against the protestors and have just let all the false narratives run wild AGAINST much hope for a peaceful transition. Praying for Martin Luther King’s dream to finally come true, if everyone would just revisit it: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” From https://www.archives.gov/files/press/exhibits/dream-speech.pdf
    I believe Donald Trump respect’s what Martin Luther King said and he will do all he can to fight the ghetto culture he begged to see changed. When I re-read this speech, I thought how nothing has changed since he gave this speech 54 years ago. The election this year showed how far we have NOT come….We must turn it around and not continue to live in fear from a prejudiced media that fills the airwaves with garbage.


    • The “trash” against Trump is not “fake news” and is backed up with fact. The fake news comes from news sites like Fox. If it were fake there would not have been a Million women marching all over the country. You can not name one lie Obama perpetrated. Trumps 38% approval rating does not come from people’s confidence in him because of his lies. He bruised ego had him lie about how many people even came to his inauguration. 1.8 mil he said when it was 850k. He lies about everything. He even put an ad on facebook GIVING AWAY tickets to try to full seats. Do not compare Trump to Obama. A billionaire corporate cabinet is not for the people no matter how many times you say it. Let’s check back in a year -two and compare.

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      • Debbie, What does gays wanting the right marry have to do with the rate of divorce with everyone else? One has nothing to do with the other. And were you talking about morals concerning Bills affair? Were you outraged with Trumps grabbing women by the you know what? That wasn’t fake news. And his morals weren’t in question? People’s nature doesn’t change. Obama had the only president that didn’t have to suffer a scandal. Trump will be one scandal after another after all the worms crawl out of the woodwork. Wait and see. Don’t take my word.

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    • Separation of church and state. Prayer belongs at home and the church. If this were a country of all Christians maybe your desire would work but why should my American Buddhist mixed race grandchildren be subjected to YOUR religion? Why should atheist children or Muslim children, Hindu or Pagen children suffer through your religion that they have no faith in. Many people in this country aren’t Christian and most who say they are don’t practice it.If you want Christianity in the schools then every single other religion should be taught as well. Christians don’t have a monopoly on what they think is the right religion. You have a right to believe what you want but you have no right to force it onto others. Follow the constitution.

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      • Good questions. I know we learn tolerance and respect in our homes.
        I have to go back to our founding fathers. They fled from England where you HAD to belong to the Roman Catholic state church. They wanted “freedom of religion” which is what we have in our country.
        If you watched the actual inauguration, you saw prayer and references to God, a tradition of 58 inaugurations. The founding fathers did not put into the constitution or the Bill of Rights separation of church and state. That phrase was in a letter and the purpose was to NOT have mandated religion like in England at the time. We are free to worship or not worship. Our nation is full of not only churches, of multiple denominations and faiths, but we have mosques, synagogues, and temples! There is no reason why we can’t respect each other’s diverse beliefs without minimizing our founding father’s intentions: Freedom of Religion! That’s constitutional!

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      • Yes, you are right. There needs to be freedom of religion, which is why it shouldn’t be in schools unless it is a church school. If it is where all kids go then religion shouldn’t be there unless all religions are taught and this country will never breath a word of the Qur’an even though there are many Muslims and I doubt the Buddhist scripture I study would be either. All or none. If I’m to respect yours then you should respect mine. Our forefathers were not Christian and were quite about religion not being part of the way this country is run that hasn’t been adhered to. President’s have to declare they are Christian whether they are or not. You don’t really think trump is Christian do you, because his behavior is about as un Christian as it gets. I could do all the research to get you links to prove what I say but I seriously don’t have time with my writing schedule – but you can find it. Disprove what I say from a legitimate source – not a Christian source and I would be more than happy to read it. Get me a link to this letter. I’d like to read it. Since neither of is was there, saying I minimized our forefathers intention is only your opinion and means nothing accept a try at an insult to me. So how about you not twisting the meaning of freedom of religion, because it does not mean Christians should have the freedom to practice religion in schools. Although this is one of Devos’s intentions for privatizing schools..

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  2. Some people are ruthless. Prevention is key but nobody pays attention until it’s too late. It’s a pretty glum Friday, there’s an insane storm going on in my area also, but we’ll make it through.

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  3. I’m sorry. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I kept it as together as I could. This is what I was scrolling down to say. You talked about this man’s violence and that he couldn’t control it. There are several laws republicans are trying to pass or have passed. Right now in N Dakota there are trying to pass a legal making it legal for people to run protestersdown on the road and they won’t be charged even if they die. Jan 1st it is now a felony for children as young as 5 to be arrested for having a fight and be charged as an adult and given time – years – in Michigan. Any child that goes to juvy pretty much is ruined and traumatized.. I believe, because crime is down and state prisons are under contract and have to stay full, using even more children taking up a bed fills the requirement. Copsare now in 50% of all schools and those schools turn everything over to the cop instead of a parent teacher conference our detention. But cops hand cuffing little kids for doing what kids have always done – locking them up isn’t the answer.

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  4. Yes it’s extreme. I spend so much of my day researching. Unfortunately I’m reading things that are very unsettling. Prisons are built and auctioned off because there is a lot of money to be made. They don’t care who fills them. It worries me how much control the corporations are getting over our lives. Now that they are running the country through WH. And now through education or rather destruction of education, people aren’t looking to what happens next because they can’tunderstand hindsight. I can’t explain it here, it’s your blog. Ill leave my rants and raves for my own blog. You’re always welcome!

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