My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #3

When we started into this week I didn’t really think much of it besides it being the start of the Australian Open. Then I realized that it will in fact have a very special meaning in history with the inauguration of an US president that most likely more than half of the world is worried about. It also brought a vicious attack in Melbourne yesterday.

In this sense this week once again highlighted how close good and bad can get. The joy and good feeling an event can give you in contrast to the heavy weight the new presidency puts on most of our shoulders and then of course the shock and sadness in relation to an act like the one I wrote about yesterday. It’s all so close. And once more it shows that you should not take anything for granted. But also don’t stop enjoying your life. I believe that if we focus too hard on the negative it will drag us down into a spiral that is hard to leave again. So focus on the good. Feed from it. So you have the energy to deal with all the bad stuff that happens and is out of our control.

Now I wish you a very happy weekend you all and I hope you enjoy the post I have chosen to feature here this week 🙂

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4 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #3

  1. Half the world is worried about the new US President. That reminds me of when a neighbor told me that he had just killed a huge kingsnake in the shed where he stores his horse feed. I asked why and he said, sagely, “because it’s a snake.” My parting remark was that kingsnakes don’t eat horse feed but they do eat the rats that eat horse feed.

    Suspend the worry and give the guy a chance to either succeed or fail. He just might turn out to be beneficial. It could happen.

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