Today will be a scorching hot day but I can’t shake the thought of snow when reading the word graceful. It’s the picture of my Dad skiing in front of me that comes to my mind. I see him dance over the slopes. So elegant, so graceful, so at ease.

I loved skiing behind him. As a child because he was leaving the track I could follow in. As his older daughter simply because I loved watching him. He had a beautiful style, looked always connected to the mountain, to the elements, to the snow. It’s a picture that will never leave me but unfortunately one that I can’t share with you as I’ve never taken any pictures of him skiing in front of me. Sometimes I think I should have. I should have filmed him as well. But then I might not have felt it. I might have been to busy taking the shot, making sure I got him, repeating everything over and over again rather then being in the moment.

I have the pictures in my head. I have the movie playing in my head. I see him dance over the slopes, at ease with himself and with the world and I can’t help but smile…

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