Man spreading…


I like my train rides. Not Just because they give me time to think but also because I like people watching. Over the last month I have used the train much more regularly than during the entire year and I’ve seen many things.

There were things that annoyed me, like the woman and her reaction to a child kissing her mom on the lips. There were moments you watch but you should not watch, like couples kissing. There were weird people, some put a smile on my face and some creep-ed me out.

And then there were all the tradies, all the contractors. That group is a very interesting one. Often on the very first train before 5am and it’s always the same thing.

First of all I have to say that they are always super friendly to me when I enter the train. They greet nicely and in a normal way. And then they go back to their thing. And the very first one that stands out is that there is a lot of “mate”, “mate, “mate” going on.


And then there is the classic man spreading thing!

It cracks me up every time I see them. I’m not sure if there is some sort of competition going on among them. For one the competition would definitely be about who can spread their legs the furthest apart and then the next one is about who can still fit in next to everyone spreading their legs. Last but not least it’s about who can then spread their legs to the extend everyone else does.

As they all hop on the train at different stations it’s really a show to watch them and definitely worth getting up at this time of the day…

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14 thoughts on “Man spreading…

  1. Γ“h yes! I’m lucky that I get on the train early enough that I get a single seat, but I laugh when I see two of them taking up a 3-seater and there’s absolutely no room for another person. The only thing I hate seeing on the trains is people cutting their fingernails and toenails. Just No, so gross!

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  2. DW and used to get to the airport way early when we would fly somewhere so we could people watch. It’s also fun to do in big malls (no need to buy a plane or train ticket there). I often wonder if people watched me watching people…

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