Never Be Silent

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“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”― Elie Wiesel

My thoughts on DT latest action…


12 thoughts on “Never Be Silent

  1. Yes. A coworker said, “What if the company disagrees with your positions?” I hope to God they’re okay with wanting more people alive & safe, but if not, that’s all the more reason to stand early and loud. The consequences of not doing so are both extraordinary and grave.

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      • I think he’s being pushed by his Cabinet and VP honestly. I know he’s twisted and idiotic but this seems uncharacteristic even for him. This is going to be the strangest presidency this country has known. What role will separation of powers play, if any at all?

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  2. It’s all so unbelievable. Surreal even. To think that this is real. Thank God we have some checks and balances put in place. The courts will continue to fight him on attempts to circumvent Constitutional rights. He can grandstand and dick around with idle threats and bullying, but the court system will block his shit left and right…..I hope. 😔

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  3. Every time I think he’s reached a new low he goes lower. I can’t keep up with all the things he’s doing that cause me anxiety and or anger. It’s honestly too much to think about. BUT we must. We can’t get tired and worn down….because when we turn away in disgust…when we cover our eyes and ears because we don’t want to hear or see anymore hate….hate wins.


  4. Another wise one – Elie Wiesel- that we lost last year.
    I had never read his book “Night” until last year when one of my book groups chose to read it, on my suggestion.
    Those two events of last year, along with the US election and the results we have witnessed so far this year, have inspired and possibly even energized me to FINALLY go out and act. As a Jew who has experienced minimal anti-Semitism in my life, I have never really been very silent. In light of current events, though, I think I and many others have reached the conclusion that our actions as citizens must speak louder than our words.

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