23 thoughts on “Speak To Your Children

  1. I can say from experience that this is true. I grew up being told I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. It took a long time to learn that I was enough and I could do anything I wanted. Children believe what the adults in their lives say because they haven’t learned about disappointment and pain.

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  2. Absolutely true! Too often children’s ideas and thoughts are dismissed and criticized by the adults around them, as well as by their peers. All this does is damage their self-confidence. My son says hilarious things sometimes that leave me wondering where in the world he gets his ideas from, but regardless of how farfetched the idea may be, I always try to focus on and praise him for the smart points he makes. Kids’ minds are amazing.

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    • Even if you then analyse the idea together to get it further helps. I hate it how kids get shut up by adults just because it doesn’t “make sense” what they are saying…


      • Exactly. Same here. Sometimes it takes a little piecing things together, but there’s always some great thinking within, and that thinking should be praised. Never should a child’s ideas be dismissed or belittled.

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