Virtual World


It’s been a beautiful morning today. One of the mornings you can’t help but enjoying your early walk with the doggies and maybe add another little bit to the usual round. It was one of the mornings you can’t help but looking up, watching the birds fly by (Cockatoos make such noise!) and enjoy the sunny morning.

And then I passed the train station.

It was busy, lots of guys in their suits, ready to go to work, standing there, waiting for their train to arrive. Students, ready for school, also waiting for the train to arrive. You would think that all of them would make the most of their time outside and look around a little bit. You would think that they would let their mind wander a little bit before having to engage in their daily routine.

But they didn’t. Or at least not in the way I would have expected people to do it.

Image result for image commuters

Every single one of them looked down. It seems to become the new posture of the human race and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years our body would have adjusted to the weird shape we take on when looking down, focusing on the little device in our hand. Gone are the papers, the magazines, the books… It’s all about the device…

It was just so intense to see such a big group of people standing there more or less looking the same in their dark suits and staring down on their device.

And it made me feel a bit sad.

Over seem the times where we made new connections. Connections with strangers just because we were using the same train, at the same time, every day. Eventually you start talking.

Same with the kids on their way to school.

Instead of engaging they were standing there next to each other, not looking at each other but at their devices. Not talking. I wondered if they would notice if you’d swap out the person standing next to them just like piece on a board game. I doubt it. I’m pretty sure that they were so focused that they would not even have noticed it if one of them would have fainted.

I love my smartphone. I love my computer. I love the possibilities they provide you with, the way of communication we have thanks to this technology. It brings the world closer together but it also pulls us apart. As social as it seems and maybe was meant to be as lonely it makes us. Where did the interaction go?

I mean even if you sat on a train and you were focused on your book, it still provided a starting point for a conversation. “Do you like the book?”

Can you imagine tough asking someone if they like swiping on their phone?

While some use their device for work or maybe as a replacement for a book or a newspaper, most people play around with Facebook. They enter this virtual world, this fake world where everything is beautiful and everyone is happy. They put up their best pictures, tell the funniest stories and paint the most colorful and flawless picture of their lives. They create world that, although part of their real life, is not reality as such. It’s better, it’s bigger, it’s happier.

Image result for image facebook

And I wonder if people who desperately paint such a happy picture on social media are really that happy or if they are really that unhappy? Does putting out all the best and most beautiful and “greenish grass ever reality” seriously make your life that good?

I know of friends with big challenges but if you look at their Facebook feed you’d think they are the most happiest people ever. I know of my struggle but you will not find anything about it on Facebook. Maybe a quote every now and then that resonates. But I would not put it out there. So I’m stuck too. I’m stuck in that cycle of only putting out the good and hiding the bad.

And so I wonder again, if we do not create an even deeper issue by this pretended happiness because where is the way out? How do you tell people that life is not as it seems when looking at the Facebook feed? How can you tell your friends that you feel you’re in a spiral of darkness while all you put out there and show them is light and color?

Because we assume. We look at things and assume. We look at the state a house is in and assume how it looks like on the inside. We flip through Facebook feeds and assume we know everything about someone. When reality strikes it will throw us off. But then when will we allow reality to strike? Will we at all?

How difficult is it to just admit that whatever you pretend to be on social media is not what or who you really are? How much pressure do we create for ourselves by simply follow the pack and create this happy place on a virtual platform just to be compliant?

And all those thoughts just because of a couple of people waiting for the train and checking their devices while I was walking my dogs…



24 thoughts on “Virtual World

  1. you have beautifully captured the harsh reality of today’s times Sandra…and yeah something is truly off about that pic…so many people and yet somehow nothing feels human about it 🙂

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    • I was hoping to find a picture with people staring at their devices but couldn’t. I often wonder if they would realize when something would happen right next to them or not. People seem so disengaged…

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      • Sad but true. Having said that though, there are many beautiful examples when people go out of their way to help others and notice when something is not right. There’s still hope 😉

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    • You know the funny thing about this video is, that I wrote the post and then my husband sends me the video without knowing about the post. And I knew I had to share it with the post…

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      • It’s interesting to think that lifes’ little timings like that happen all the time. They just are seen as the unraveling of events. We drive and miss the herd of deer that run onto the road 4 minutes earlier, we go into a grocery store we don’t usually and something bulk is on sale and we buy it because it is and then your neighbor asks if you want to come for a big party and you have enough of this bulk stuff to make an awesome dessert and say yes because of it where normally you would say no. 🙂 Hehe just little scenarios.

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  2. As Thoreau observed: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

    I have made peace with the computer and it has proven to be a window on the world. I enjoy Word Press, Face book and email. But that’s the outer limit of my digital connection.

    I do carry a flip phone and actually turn it on a few times each day.

    I miss having an automobile, four door sedan, with a front bench seat. These “cockpit” driving arrangements border on being claustrophobic. I miss pulling to the curb and sliding across to exit through the passenger side door, even at the cost of the little shock from the static electricity generated during the slide.

    I feel that somewhere the Master Computer is patiently biding its time as its minions slowly take complete control of us all. And then there will be no reason to ever look up, all we will see is the machine.

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  3. Absolutely. War Games is correct. Great movie and spot on warning.

    Some years back, when the company I worked for was just getting into computers, I called our tech, and asked him to come find out what my computer had done. He replied, “I can tell you what it did from here. It did whatever you asked it to do. Want me to come over and find out what you told it to do?”

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