A Good Match


It was truly a good match. Actually a great one. It all came together. The battle of the “old” guys, the “old dogs”, the return of the super stars. Nothing better for an event than an epic battle like this.

8 thoughts on “A Good Match

  1. Stopping by from Eli’s blog. What a great response and it’s refreshing to hear someone say they’re happy and comfortable in themselves that they’d not want to trade lives with someone for a day. Love your confidence. 🙂

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    • Thanks 🙂 See, I believe very much that everyone has their problems and issues we have no clue about. So if we wish to trade places we might never get what we expect to get. So why taking the risk of trading something that works well with something we have no clue about? I am happy with my life although there are many bumps in my road too. But they’re mine. 🙂

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  3. Unbelievably ironic yet somehow totally appropriate that old farts like these, along with the similarly aged Williams sisters, played for the championships. Gives this old fart hope that there’s still some life in this old body.

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