Grandmother Gifts

Grandma Crocheted A Shark Blanket

No, this is not my son and it’s not our Grandma that made the blanket. But I found it hilarious… I have to say some of them are really sweet. Well all of them. But I do see the epic fail in others. Just like the one above… Too good not to share, find more here.

19 thoughts on “Grandmother Gifts

  1. Find my way here through the reblog of this post. This was hilarious. Thanks for sharing and bringing some humor in life 🙂
    Do stop by my site if and when you have a moment, it’s a small slice of my life! Cheers and have a lovely day.

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  2. Those are great, gotta love a grandma with a sense of humor. The crocheted tire cover…amazing idea, I’d use it proudly. And I wish I’d thought of that $$ photo album…genius. Thanks for the a.m. laughs.

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  3. At first I thought this was going to be a blog of gifts for grandma’s and was worried at what “Old lady” things you’d come up with. LOL This was better. My granddaughter knits and crochets amazing things. How and why she got into it, I’ll never know. It must be from the other grandma, but she does great work. I’ll have to send her this. Love it.

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