The Thing With The Poo

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I have a thing with poo. Not what you might think now. Nothing gross. Nope. It’s more about the fact that I get really annoyed with people not picking up after their dogs. This post is triggered by a post pensitivity101 recently shared.

Dog owners or not, we all know that dog owners are meant to pick up their dog’s left over. There are bins and bags for this special purpose everywhere. But many people seem to ignore it. And it drives me insane.

Before we had kids my husband and I got a dog. Picking up after him was totally normal for both of us. And believe it or not, it’s almost like with changing your baby’s diaper. While it of course remains one of the not so pleasant chores to do, you get used to it and it starts not bothering you that much anymore. It’s about making a habit of it and getting used to it. It becomes a normal task, something you do without thinking. After all you clean your babies bottom and change the diaper too. And your dog is kind of a “child” too, so it’s normal you take care of the mess left behind as well.

But some people don’t seem to see it the same way. They simply don’t care. They don’t care that their dogs poo on a boardwalk where people afterwards step either into it or have to dance around it. They don’t care that toddlers who have no clue might think the tried up dog poo is something they need to discover with their little fingers (and maybe even with their mouth…). They don’t care that their dog poos on a little nature strip that the tenant of the house has to maintain. And they don’t care that the park they take their dogs for a walk is also used for kids sports.

And that’s my big big big issue. My daughter plays soccer in a park that is open to dogs as well. While there are rules for dog owners to pick up after themselves and to also have dogs on their leash when sport is in action. But many simply ignore it.

You have no idea how many “little” presents we pick up before the team starts training on warming up on the pitch they then play on. Some go undetected and then you have to deal with the aftermath later. What gets me fuming is when dog owners let their furry friends run over and through the pitch the girls are playing on, chasing after the ball. Or when they come over, head over to some of the equipment on the floor (we are talking kids backpacks), lift their legs and pee all over it (I’m speaking of the dogs doing it, not the owners…).

You know, it can happen. You can miss out on a poo your dog makes and you might not be fast enough to keep your dog from peeing over something. Believe me, although I don’t like to admit it but I watched my dog once too, in horror, lifting his leg next to a backpack. This is the moment you have to do something! Call your dog, run over, apologize, offer help for cleaning it up. Do something! React! Don’t just watch how your dog does it and then walk off as if nothing has happened. This ignorance is making me truly angry.

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It makes me angry because of two things. First of all because I’m a mom of a girl who plays soccer there. I’m a mom who knows that her daughter might potentially fall into dog poo while chasing the ball. I’m the mom who knows that her girl most likely will step in poo and we will have to clean her boots afterwards. I’m a mom who knows that although my girl is not scared of dogs some of the girls are and when a German Shepard runs over the pitch it freaks them out. I also know that some dogs, although their owners let them off the leash are not as harmless as the owners think they are.

I’m a dog owner and a mom who knows that dogs, when excited, like to jump up and can knock over a child. I’m a dog owner who loves the possibility to have a great park in the area that is off leash. I know that if people continue to be so irresponsible this might change one day.

It doesn’t take much, you know. Just some common decency.


14 thoughts on “The Thing With The Poo

  1. I’m a dog owner too and I know, how annoying it is to walk at places, where others don’t clean after their dogs too.
    When I walk my dog in the natural areas, where no one are playing, it is not possible there, then I don’t clean after my dog, but at places where many walks, of course I clean after my dog. More than that, it is also possible to train the dogs not to let their poo’s in the middle of everything. My dog go aside to places, where we don’t walk, because it is bad places to walk or very close to plants, so they are hided much better. Here it annoys me, when people let their dogs poo all over, also where there are small soil roads, just for us to walk.

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  2. I come from India where things are a bit different. Picking up after your dog isn’t mandatory and it can be quite gross at times. And it has irritated me all my life. NOw that I live in Scotland, I am glad that people here stick to picking up after their dogs most of the times and finally I can stop dancing around dog poos on sidewalks and sometimes even on roads while trying to cross!

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  3. Thanks for the link Sandra. The dog bin in question is still out of commission (2nd email to council today having had no response to the first) and the planter put there by a concerned resident which a LOT of people were using as a dog waste receptacle has been removed. Maggie does her business, and even in the dark we go out armed with poo bags and a couple of torches. Sometimes it’s a bit of a game to find the ‘treasure’ as it’s the same colour as the autumn leaves, but we are successful and deposit it where it’s supposed to go. It doesn’t take much, it doesn’t take long and as you say it becomes second nature. Maybe owners should be microchipped!

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  4. Wow, it’s nice to hear this from an actual dog owner! I must say…a while back, I was quite appalled at the amount of “unwelcome gifts” left around my property on a weekly basis. They wouldn’t let their dogs do its business on their OWN lawn, No….they wanted to leave it on someone else’s…totally insensitive & uncaring.
    I finally had to display warning signs on my lawn to keep people with pets off of it.

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    • Oh I chase people with the words “I think you forgot something”… I even picked up a poo of another dog and followed a lady to hand the bag to her. I generously offer bags to dog owners when they claim they have no bag on them. Love their faces…


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