Switzerland And Its Languages – Did You Know…


25 thoughts on “Switzerland And Its Languages – Did You Know…

  1. Good one. I came to Switzerland to learn a different language. After 50 years and marrying Mr. Swiss on the way I am fairly fluent in a German dialect, Solothurnertütsch. My French has also improved and also my Italian. And Romantsch? I even get the idea of that. If you can’t beat them then join them – a London cockney i dr Schwiez. Ig ha sogar e Schwiezerpass u bi Ämmentalern worden vo Längnau aber chas immer noni pärfekt.

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  2. How cool to have so many languages. When we used to import from Europe, many of our producers knew several languages including English and it was sad we Americans did not have that as part of our early curriculum. I understand Europe has so many countries close together so I imagine they would need to be able to speak more than one language, but I’m still jealous. I understand Italian some, speak Spanish and English. I took French but never had the practice and forgot most of it.

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    • I think as an English speaking person there is no need to learn another language. If you speak another language then English you at least want to learn English. And in Switzerland it was normal to learn at least one of the other big languages in school plus English down the track.

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      • What I have liked is how when you at least attempt to communicate in another persons language, how well they respond. It shows you care and people like that. I had a family come into the clinic who could not speak English. I was the Spanish interpreter, but for some reason if someone of another language came in they would call me. So, I got out my smartphone and entered my question to them and showed it to them. They smiled and responded. Before long, we were communicating and they were teaching me words and me teaching them and every time they came in they would ask for me. Now this was a big black Afrikaan and he looked harsh, but when he saw me, a big smile would come over his face. That pleased me and him of course. My coworkers didn’t understand. I told them they appreciated the fact that I tried.

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      • Oh, that’s so beautiful! And you are so right: It showed them that you cared. And we all want to feel like people care for us and our issues. It doesn’t take much to show them, it’s not a big effort and yet so many people don’t want to “go that length”, which I never understand.

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  3. I knew there was a predominance of French or German in Switzerland but did not know about the others. Learned something new today so it’s a great day. If I could afford to live there, I would, especially right now. In the states, when you travel to different parts of the country and hear all the different dialects, they sound like another language altogether. It takes awhile to fine tune the ear so you understand what is being said. 🙂

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