The Road Taken

I love our road trips. In fact I kind of miss being on the road right now. It’s been almost too long since we drove somewhere far. I think there is always something to spot, something new to be discovered, memories to be made. Pictures to be taken 🙂

So here are some of my favorites from road trips we’ve done over the past years. It shows the diversity of this beautiful country. From beautiful beaches to snow covered mountains


I love where the roads taken can lead you…

19 thoughts on “The Road Taken

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  4. I have to ask because it doesn’t look familiar to me but the near bottom photo of the beach and all the high rise buildings, is where? I was thinking Miami, but its a different angle I’ve not seen before. My husband thought Dubai, but I told him you said road trip, so it must be in the US… maybe Chicago near lake?

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  5. We kept boxes and boxes of slides at first; then we tried movies for a time. But each type of picture memory only held interest as long as we could attach the “non-capturable memories” of ones we loved who had accompanied us.

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