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It’s not a lot, 4cm. Especially when it’s the difference in height between you and your son. I wonder how we could get here so fast. It feels like it was only yesterday when he was so tiny, so fragile, so… new.

I see it in front of me just like it was yesterday how my husband used to balance our little boy on his underarm while he took a well deserved rest from the busy life as a newborn. He loved to sleep on my husbands arm. In them too but on them lying on it just like a sloth on a branch.

Today I look at him and wonder how we could ever fit him on only half of an arm.

He is so tall already. His limbs are long, his voice has already changed and is changing even more.

He is still the wonderful person he’s always been. Still respectful, loving and his smart normal self. But he is different. It’s the way he walks. The way he moves in general. His body got “harder”. I’m not sure how to explain it in any different word. He’s no longer the soft little boy. His shoulders are wider, his arms stronger, his legs look more like legs of a big boy and not like they used to look.

Sometimes I look at him and wonder where my little boy has gone.

I know though, that he is still in there. And he “comes out” every now and then too. Especially when he just wants to be hugged by his mom or dad. When he wants to cuddle on the sofa. It’s beautiful and weird at the same time. Beautiful because it’s my little boy who is there cuddling with me, so eager for a hug, for some attention for some love. Weird because he is suddenly so big. I can’t fit him on my lap any longer.

I know there will be many new challenges ahead of us. But I also know that it will not be a problem with him. Nothing ever was. He is a very centered person. People often say that he is an old soul. They always did. And I think so too. He is wise beyond his age and often the mature way he handles things take my breath away. We are not new to the teenage years anymore but we are also no experts yet either.

My little boy I love so much is well on his way to become a grown man. But before he will get there he will grow another at least 4cm and will have outgrown me… Him being taller than me will be the first very big change in many yet to come…

19 thoughts on “4cm…

  1. I expect my son to be taller than me sometime this year, he is past due for another growth spurt!


  2. It is a hard thing to watch. I still ache to hold them all in my arms, despite it being the natural course of things. Sigh. Even though my boys are approaching 40 and my girls 50, I have not forgotten how it felt to hold them and love on them. I am fortunate that they still allow me the pleasure of hugs and love me right back.

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  4. Oh my gosh Sandra, your boy sounds like mine, who’s growing so fast he’s far overtaken me in height (which wouldn’t take much). They grow up so quickly don’t they, and in maturity too. Thank goodness mine still loves to be hugged! 😊

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