6 thoughts on “Music

  1. I agree 100%. Music is very much a part of my emotional health. You can quickly tell what mood I am in by the type of music I listed to. I love how it expresses how I feel when I do not have the words.


  2. Hey Momma…
    Was gonna send you an email but wasn’t sure if you’d check it in time. I’m working on your guest post right now. I was looking through some of the old science-related pages on Far Beyond the Stars for inspiration, since a ton of those are just unfinished ideas that never became fully-fledged posts. (I have no idea why I put them on the Internet in the first place.) I was wondering, how would you like a post examining religion and science? I was thinking of using it as a springboard to introduce a bunch of mini-topicsβ€”which could inspire future posts. Could make my monthly guest posts a bit more cohesive, not just random topics submitted every ~30 days.

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