My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #10

We entered a long weekend in our part of Australia. I find it interesting to observe how the “spirit” of people change when approaching a long weekend. On one side they seemed rushed because they feel like they need to finish things, on the other side they feel relaxed by only just thinking about the extra day off. Interesting how one single day can make a difference.

Here are my picks of this week, posts I enjoyed reading. I hope you will too and while you visit their blog have a longer look around. Might as well be that you discover other great posts while there. I hope your week treated you well and that you all will have a very happy weekend 🙂

About taking note of our needs and emotions and embracing them…

Rethinking Life
About that guy…

Gratuitous Rex
About tact and meatballs…

Loud Thoughts Voiced Out
About being the woman you are…

Me-Who Am I?
About honesty…

Faraday’s Candle
About happiness…



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