The Season Changes


Some people might say that it’s obvious, some might not even realize it but the season has changed. Of course some of you might think, March 1st has brought the change officially. But it;s so much more than that. It’s what happens outside.

The days are getting shorter here. Slowly. Although the days are still nice and warm or even hot, there is a change. It cools down. The nights are beautifully fresh and the ocean is getting slightly cooler (not that it’s very warm anyway…).

I thought about sharing my fall post once again. Somehow it seems to me that I’m just simply repeating myself when writing about my feelings toward this season of the year. But then, as similar as it always feels, every start into fall is slightly different.

See, over the last couple of days it started feeling to me as if we are no longer in summer but have entered fall and it had nothing to do with the official start of the 3rd season of the year. It’s the smell of the air, the temperatures and the light.

While the leaves are still green you can see that the color is not as intense anymore. You know that it’s only a matter of days until they suddenly turn a different shade, when yellow, orange and red will slowly appear.

While the sun is still hot and strong you know that soon you will no longer feel comfortable in flipflops, shorts and t-shirt. You know that soon you will be dressed in more layers and sit in the sun, feeling a bit chilly but embracing the warmth of the son on your back. Soon it will be dark on the way to one of your kids activities and it feels like just a moment ago it would have been light till late.

By then the season that always puts the biggest smile on my face will have arrived in full swing. I will love the temperatures that are cooler while missing the slightly warmer water when putting my feet in the ocean. I will breathe in the chillier air and enjoy the smell of fall in it. And most of all I will love the fact that the beaches are open for dogs again and I will be able to take them for long walks along the shore.

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18 thoughts on “The Season Changes

  1. And here it finally feels we are moving towards Spring, not that it ever really was Winter, but it had every chance and it’s now too late. Enjoy your Fall, the colours and beautiful feel of the transformation 😊

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  2. Season changes always intrigue me. Growing up in India meant that we have three major seasons and the weather is fairly predictable. Now that I have moved base to Scotland I’m seeing the gradual but stark changes in seasons that everyone talks about and things I only read in books. We are now moving towards spring and the changes are beautiful! Where do you live and how are the seasons split over the year for you?

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  3. I think I enjoy autumn as much as you do. You are not the right person for me to approach with my proposal. I’m looking for someone who would like to swap spring for fall. I’d be willing to throw summer in, too.

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  4. Beautiful autumn leaves. Here in Melbourne it still feels warm and like we’re in summer. I’m enjoying the sunshine and hope it lasts a bit longer, and it makes ice-cream more pleasant to eat

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    • I’m in Melbourne too and I kind of agree to you although I found over the last couple of weeks the mornings are a bit cooler and the light is definitely changing. I do appreciate the warm days though 🙂

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