Anticipation – #atozchallenge

Anticipation: We wait for something, for someone and our heart rate goes up, our knees weak. It makes us happy, scared, said, excited, longing, expecting, wanting and waiting.

In a way I was waiting for the A to Z Challenge to finally kick off with anticipation. I participated for the fist time a year ago and although it was a big commitment it was also fun and in a way exciting. Over the last couple of weeks I was wondering if I would do it again. I was wondering if I could commit myself again to share a post that is related to a letter in the alphabet on a daily basis. So when I got up this morning and realized that April has started and the A to Z Challenge was upon us, anticipation and excitement kicked in. I have waited for long enough. It was time to finally do.

They way I approached the challenge last year worked and so I decided to do the same thing again this year. Look at the letter and the first word that comes to mind will be the title of the post and what I would write about.

I have to say that anticipation is probably not the easiest one to kick off a challenge like that although they are connected.

Again it’s a feeling and feelings are always hard to describe. I think we often find ourselves waiting for something in anticipation. As children it’s the special days, like birthdays or Christmas, it’s gift we wish we will get or the puppy we were dreaming off. When we grow the anticipation grows too. We look forward to trips, to special events, concerts or catch ups with special people.

It’s this feeling of excitement that remains the same over the years, the tingly feeling anticipation gives us. In a way the waiting is the most exciting of it all. Maybe that’s why we sometimes get lost in in waiting instead of moving on. Maybe it’s because we are worried that the waiting and dreaming of what will be or could be might in the end be much better and more exciting than the actually receiving or being there.

So here is to 26 days of commitment and waiting for the next prompt in anticipation πŸ˜‰



My letter A and B post in 2016


29 thoughts on “Anticipation – #atozchallenge

  1. I always get a little nervous at the start of this blogging challenge, because I am afraid I will get behind, and everyone will know, and then I will have to catch up. But I am doing the blogging challenge again this year, just so I can add more to my plate (Eek!!!). Good luck and what a great start!!!!!

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  2. Great one! Sometimes waiting is the hardest part and sometimes waiting is the best part. We wait for Christmas for 25 days (or all year depending) yet all the gift unwrapping is over in just a quick hour or two.

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  3. I felt the same way! And now that I’ve started, I’m thinking I might get behind! Time to start making some drafts I guess so I don’t get too far behind! haha

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    • Hahahaha. Just keep writing πŸ˜‰ Last year I learned that the posts don’t have to be long in order to be okay for the challenge. You can say a lot in a short post too πŸ˜‰


  4. Good luck with the challenge. I’d love to tackle this one but I have too much going on with work and home, so I will enjoy it through your efforts!

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