Belonging – #atozchallenge


I guess my post about my passports made me think about “belonging”. It made me think about where I believe I belong more. The interesting thing is that I don’t have to think for very long. I actually don’t have to think about it at all. I know where I belong.

It’s not Switzerland.

It might come as a surprise to those of you who have not followed me for long and have never read this post. I do not miss it. Never have and never will. Even when we were there visiting and after returning. I simply don’t miss it. There are people I miss, places I miss doing to but living in Switzerland and the country as such not at all.

The why is pretty easy, I find. It’s simply because I love Australia and living here. And most of all, I have my family with me. All the people that matter the most to me are here. So I feel that I belong. Because I belong to them and they are with me. But I also feel like I belong here. I belong to Australia. I belong to this place with its beautiful beaches, the ocean, the rain forests, its people.

The lifestyle here is not very different to back in Switzerland. It might be a little bit more relaxed but it’s very similar. What is different are the many hours of sunshine and the average temperature throughout the year. And it’s definitely something that speaks to me. What is different is being so close to the ocean at all time. Unless you decide to travel to the red center. But then you are entering another magical place that is highly fascinating. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly the fact that the ocean is so close that makes me feel like I have grown my roots deeper here than I’ve ever done in Switzerland. I feel I simply belong to the ocean. Who knows, maybe I once was a mermaid šŸ˜‰

While I do think that you feel like you belong when you have the right people around you, I also think that you need to belong to a place as well to really be able to settle. If you feel disconnected to the place you live in although you try to connect you will feel like you are out of place. So I guess I’ve hit the jackpot. I’ve found my place and I’ve found the partner to be with and we were found by our children. We simply belong to each other.


23 thoughts on “Belonging – #atozchallenge

  1. Yes! Mermaid! Me too. šŸ™‚ All my life I gave this reply to the question What you want to do when you grow up: “I wish to live by the sea.” Now it’s less than 2 km away. I can see it from the roof but I know it’s there even if I don’t see it. And it’s glorious. So happy for you, and me too!

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    • I know! I can’t see the ocean anymore from where we live now but I know I can be there in no time and this is already enough. Even if I don’t see it or head down to the beach for a couple of days only the idea that I can at any time is enough to make me happy. šŸ™‚

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  2. It is a great place to live in, we are forty minute drive to the ocean, it is too far for me. I wish we lived closer. I’ve been in sydney for too long when 40 minutes is too far, Johannesburg closest sea was at least six or seven hours away!

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  3. That’s marvelous that you love where you live. I loved Tennessee for the years I grew up there and easily adopted New York for 50 years. Now, though, now we live in the mountains. I’ve come home.

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    • Interesting how you just know that you have arrived, right? I grew up in the mountains and I loved it but I always felt like something was pulling me. And now I know that I need to be close to the ocean. I love the mountains still and feel really good when I’m close to mountains or up there somewhere but I want to go back to the ocean again.


  4. It doesn’t matter where we come from. It matters where our heart feels home. I would not miss this area here neither. I did not miss it when I lived in the States. I missed the people… but not the area!

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  5. Very interesting. I am half German and went to Germany for the first time when I was 22. I felt
    quite at home, and came to understand my mother a lot better, who is much more reserved and sticks to the rules. I seriously considered staying there, but came home for Christmas and realized this was home and I haven’t been back. (That has been a disappointment but one of my German friends lived here for a few years and recently moved out with her husband and family.
    In January, we spent 3 weeks in Tasmania for the kids to see where Daddy comes from and for them to connect with their Tasmanian roots. We had a fabulous time, but there was also a more serious undercurrent because both Geoff’s Dad and his father’s mother died young and he lost contact with close family, which were slowly reconnecting with.
    WE visited his home town of Scottsdale and that was very interesting because for me, the town was his home (in addition to the family home), but he spent very little time in town growing up and that wasn’t what he wanted to share with us. The Scottsdale he knew also belonged to a teenaged boy going paddock bashing in farm cars, getting his licence and burning down dirt roads…a world he wasn’t going to be sharing with the kids and he is now 50, not 18 so it’s not going to be the same.
    Here’s the link to a post I wrote about “Home”:
    The theme for my A-Z was An Alphabetical Tour Around Tasmania.
    I came here to catch up with your A-Z.
    Best wishes,

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