Blast From The Past – Writer’s Block?

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It has gotten to me too. That thing called writer’s block. I have thought about it often, read about it even more. So many bloggers experience it. This lack of inspiration or ideas. I wondered when it would struck, if it would at all get to me too. It did. So I figured that I share a couple of my thoughts about it today. Together with a post from a while back as a Blast Of The Past.

For weeks now I struggle with the usual flow of ideas and words and I don’t really know how to tackle it. At least I know where it’s coming from, so that’s a start. It’s not the lack of ideas. It’s not the lack of inspiration. It’s my brain being occupied with other things that weigh heavy on me at the moment.

I do have ideas but if I’m not quick enough to write them down or even write the post they disappear in the jungle of other thoughts about those issues I’m dealing with currently. Those thoughts simply take over and push everything else so far back in my mind that it almost gets lost.

I know that once everything is solved those cloudy thoughts will disappear and leave room for everything else again. Until then I need to make sure I try to keep them in check and make an effort to find the other thoughts, pull them out from their little corner and nurture them. After all, writing gives me enough pleasure to make this effort.

We often hear about writer’s block over here in our blogger community. It’s something that scares us, maybe even haunts us.

I never really faced writer’s block. I was never at the point where I felt I simply have nothing to put on paper. But there were times, when I just felt the words would not flow out my fingers that easily. Times, I thought I could not really express what I wanted to. Days, on which my posts seemed empty.

That’s when you need to reconsider. Consider that it might be a different issue. That it actually has nothing to do with writer’s block but more likely be linked to another “issue”.

When you start blogging you sort of have an idea what you want to write about. You are full of these posts, the words you want to bring on paper, the stories you want to tell. And most likely you write about something specific. And then it happens. And this brings me to a comment I recently left on someone’s post. A post about having issues with putting in thoughts in words:

“I totally get what you are saying and here’s my take: I think while we kind of have a plan when we start blogging the blog evolves over time. And so do we. This is a good thing but it is tricky at the same time. Tricky because what felt so easy to write about doesn’t necessarily fit the blog any longer. That’s why the words don’t flow the same way. I believe we all get there.”

I continued with saying that I had an incredibly difficult time myself coming up with content that actually made me happy in February and March and not because there was nothing happening in my life (there was so much going on then…) but because I couldn’t find the right way to put it in the appropriate words. I suddenly felt my posts were empty. But the feedback was different. People still liked my posts. They didn’t think they were empty. So what was it really?

I think the issue is a different one. Writer’s Block has many faces. In my case it was a rather simple one. While I thought I wouldn’t find the right words to tell the story I thought needs to be told on my blog, it was actually about my blog. It was about the fact that my blog is developing on a daily base. About the fact that different things inspire and move me compared to when I started because my life is going on too. I, too, change and evolve, just like my blog. So in the end it’s all about accepting this fact and realizing where to go next.

Everything is just slowly taking shape and I believe that if we let it, we will get back to the place we started. Where the words will flow out of our fingers and onto the screen, just the way they used to do…


17 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Writer’s Block?

  1. What a wonderful post. I can relate so well to what you’re saying. It all comes down to being gentle with ourselves and accepting change rather than fearing/resisting it. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I get writers block every now and then but I found it was the worst when I tried to confine my blog to a specific topic (mental health). When I decided to branch out and write other things it became much easier to post content.

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    • Oh yes! That simply doesn’t work for me at all. At the moment it’s more because all the other thoughts about the issues I’m dealing with are taking over my head space and it’s so hard to push them aside. Usually when I manage to sit down and actually start writing it will suddenly flow again but I need to make an effort.

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  3. Great post! And I think you’ve explained beautifully something that I’ve been through as well. Sometimes so much is going on in life, that not only is finding time to write difficult, but being able to still my mind enough to let the words and thoughts come is really hard. The key is to persist but not too be too hard on yourself if you just can’t get it done some days.

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  4. As usual, Momma, great post! I think we all go through this at one point or another, and it is soooo frustrating. I’ve experienced both the blank mind syndrome, not having any idea at all, and the too busy mind, bombing you with so many thoughts that you just can’t follow and make something out of them. Both painfully annoying.

    *hugs* 🙂

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  5. Considering the dramatic shift in the collective unconscious, it is bound to affect everyone in one way or another. To know there is a shift gets us half way to creating new words, stories, blogs, that will hold back the tide, and keep changing the world …

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  6. I have never had writer’s block before, but I’m glad your wrote about it. It could be just a matter of time. I never thought about there being different kinds of blocks, either. Good luck getting through yours.

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