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I’m slightly behind with the A to Z Challenge as we have spent all day yesterday out, heading to our favorite wildlife park with the kids and some of their friends. It’s always so nice to be there.

Just as I think there are special vibes connecting people, there are also special vibes you get from places. It’s definitely the case with this park. I’m sure it’s many things coming together like the place itself but definitely also the people who run it and who ran it for many years. They give it this special vibe because it’s what they want people to feel. This is what they pass on to their staff, by choosing the right people and teaching them the right things.

We head there for many years and we’ve seen the “evolution” of this place. In a way the word evolution is what comes to mind when I think about how much it has changed. An evolution is about a progress a change to a better or maybe more refined state. It has always been a great place but what they’ve done to it over the years is amazing.

It takes a lot to grow a place without losing it’s character. And they definitely managed to do so. It still almost feels like you are a welcomed guest in the owner’s family’s backyard.

The word evolution came to my mind so often yesterday while up there. Not just because of the park as such but also while looking at the reptiles and watching the shows they do with them. The snakes and lizards and most of all the crocodiles.

Especially the crocodiles. Just like sharks they have been around for millions of years. They are in that sense living dinosaurs. And evolution didn’t change them that much over all this time. They are the ultimate predator and I’m always so in awe when I watch the one huge crocodile they have there. Don’t get me wrong, all of them are interesting and fascinating. But this one huge guy is simply mind blowing. And while he “hangs” there in his enclosure watched by the visitors I can’t shake the feeling that he is watching us too. And while he is doing his show and the handlers are well aware to not make a mistake while they feed him in front of spectators, it seems as if he is the one playing with them. Lurking there, waiting for them to not be focused for that split of a second and then do his trick. Not because he is evil.

Not because it’s a man slaughtering beast. But because he is the ultimate predator and the handler is just simply the bigger prey than the chicken in his hand. It’s simply only about food. No brutal vendetta, no rage, no plan besides the one to get the most food out of the effort made to catch it.

I admit it: I find crocodiles very fascinating and almost beautiful. They are proof that nature succeeds in its creation. That evolution is only necessary if something is not developed or fine tuned enough. If there is potential to make it better, getting closer to perfection. And in rare cases perfection has been reached. Unfortunately many people simply don’t see it.

We are so blinded by the thought of being the crown of evolution that we don’t see how far from it we actually are. And so many ignore or even fight the creatures that have reached near perfection out of blind ignorance instead of paying them the respect they deserve.


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12 thoughts on “Evolution – #atozchallenge

  1. I completely agree in regards to crocodiles. They are awe-inspiring creatures indeed. Just knowing how long they’ve been around is staggering enough. I’ve seen many a croc in Darwin but watching them leap straight up out of the water, their whole body emerging just to grab a chicken? Amazing. They look too heavy to be able to do that and that’s where you can really get a sense of how powerful they are! Great post! Really enjoyed it!

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  3. Living in Florida, I too find our alligators to be very interesting and a genuine throwback to the past.


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