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When we are young we wish we would be independent. Finally able to make our own decisions, do what we want to do, go where we want to go. Without limits, without anyone telling us what to do or not to do.

Then we grow up and reach that sort of independence. Or do we?

For sure we can make our own decisions. We have moments where we can decide freely about what we want to do and how or where. But then we find back in this sort of dependency. We take on a job, with the hours that come along, with the responsibility that come along. We find a partner and settle down and build a life together, depending on the “team effort” it involves. One day we might also find ourselves having a family. And the circle closes.

We are back in this circle of dependence that we so desperately wanted to leave. It’s not gone, maybe it never disappears. It’s just different.

Is it a bad thing? I don’t think so. I think we are meant to depend on something and someone and it doesn’t mean that it makes us weak. It’s just part of life, part of the chain reaction we need on our journey. I believe that the trick is to not see it in a negative way but find the positive in it. Because then we start not seeing it as being dependent or independent but rather but rather about connections. Because I strongly believe that the connections you have in live a worth something. If they start feeling like they are slowing you down then it’s time to change something. Move on and then re-jiggle everything.

And while you are there, with the right connections you will feel independent although you are linked with others but it’s not weighing you down.



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7 thoughts on “Independent – #atozchallenge

  1. I agree. We are by nature social creatures, so connections with others are often desirable and needed. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to show some dependency on those connections either – it shows we value the thoughts of others, that we are prepare to be vulnerable and embrace uncertainty, and a willingness to invest emotionally in others. Great post! Enjoyed reading your thoughts on the subject.

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  2. I think we are naturally drawn to depend on someone and we also feel good when someone depends on us. What used to be obeying and respecting our parents and their rules, turns into respecting our spouse, boss, etc. Rather than becoming independent, I think that what actually happens, is that our definition of independence changes. Being dependent isn’t always a bad thing. It simply means that we’ve learned to care about others more than just ourselves.

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