Miracles – #atozchallenge

So many people take what we have for granted. They consider it normal, they don’t see the little magical things anymore and they for sure are not looking for the little wonders out there any longer. It makes me sad to see people like that. They seem “grey” to me.

Grey because they don’t see the color of the sky as something pretty. It’s just the way it is. They don’t smell the different scents in the air, don’t realize the difference of crisp early morning air in fall or winter to the fresh air in summer. For them it’s just about breathing in and out and not even that is appreciated.

I don’t know where there focus is and why. I don’t know when they lost this ability to see the magic that is out there. And I for sure have no clue why they do everything to make their children grow up and focus on “what’s important” rather than “wasting their time”. It actually makes me almost angry when I hear things like this.

Because I wonder what can make you so disillusioned to tell a child to stop dreaming, to stop believing in magic?

Life is not a smooth ride for many of us. We all deal with our own little or big ghosts and I strongly believe that if you turn away from seeing the magic that is out there you actually make it much worse for yourself. Where would you get the energy from? The inspiration? The motivation? Why would you keep going if dreaming is considered a waste of time?

“We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire, next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles?”

Maybe the most obvious little hint in this quote. You can add so many things to this. Just look at a snowflake. Or watch a bumble bee fly. There is magic all around us. It’s out there on any given day. There to make us wonder, to make us stop and watch in awe. There to motivate and inspire us.

Stop dissecting everything into tiny pieces until you can explain every single one of them. Just stop for a second and look at the big picture and allow yourself to see the magic in the “impossible”. Just appreciate it. Then allow yourself that “wow” moment. It won’t hurt. Dream again, believe again, be that child again that looks at everything in this innocent way, discovering what is going on around us, discovering all the big and small miracles this world has to offer. And see it the way it is: A truly magical world.

12 thoughts on “Miracles – #atozchallenge

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  2. That’s the perfect quote for this!! We call it miracle only because we don’t understand how this all works together. So why not believing that there are much more things working together which is more than our brain may ever understand. When you can believe that there is a higher intelligence around us than we are … so much more is possible!

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  3. Love this post! In this house we alwasy find miracles where we can. Sunspots on the living room floor. Eagles soaring overhead. Dragonflies flitting around. It’s amazing that, as far as we know, this is only planet in the whole universe that has living beings on it.

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  4. Well said. Either nothing is a miracle or everything is. I chose to believe everything is a miracle. Every. Single. Thing! I will push a little button and you will get this note in moments all the way across the planet! WOW!

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