Oasis – #atozchallenge


We all need our own personal little oasis from time to time. A place where we can go to recharge, to reconnect, to simply be. When thinking of an oasis I see an island of some sort. Either an island on water or a green island in the dessert. But I also see the places before my inner eye that I love to be at. Places I know I find my peace, my energy, my connection. So I thought today I share some pictures of some of them.

So for me an oasis doesn’t have to be that island in the middle of now where. It’s more of the relieve it gives me.

Of course I always find my oasis on a hike through the forest. Even while talking to someone. Because there will always be the moment you can find peace, breathe deeper and take away what you need.

I also find my oasis on early mornings at work, or late nights when leaving work. When it’s still or already quiet. It’s the time I enjoy the most. When it’s just you and maybe some few other people already working or late to leave. It’s that feeling in the morning when you brace yourself for what is about to come, when you get ready by taking these couple of breaths. Or when you are done after a busy day. When you feel like you can finally slow down again. It’s moments like these that make me feel like I have reached my oasis.

It’s being close to the ocean, soaking up the sun, or watching it go down. It’s also sitting in the car watching the storm come in, the waves crash ashore and the buildings disappear in rain and clouds.

It’s being out there and looking at the world through the camera lens. Only seeing what the lens allows you to see, focusing on that tiny little bit of world. Focusing only on that part.

It’s the big rock in the middle of the huge dessert that makes you feel so tiny. When you stand there in the middle of all the other tourists looking at the red color of Uluru and although you wish nobody would be there but you, you still find that little bit of oasis in just only focusing on what’s ahead of you.

It’s being at home and feeling like home is my oasis. The security and warmth it gives me. When I realize that my home is my oasis but also that home is where my heart is and in that sense that my oasis lies deep down inside of me and nobody will ever be able to take it away from me…

A to Z Challenge 2017

8 thoughts on “Oasis – #atozchallenge

  1. The definition of an oasis is a fertile place where there is water in the midst of a desert or a place of calm in the midst of chaos. An example of an oasis is an underground spring in a desert. An example of an oasis is a calm and peaceful room in the midst of a chaotic house. An oasis is a fertile place in a desert, due to the presence of water, or really any place or thing offering welcome relief as from difficulty or dullness. You have shown some really good examples of your personal oases. For me, it’s anywhere that I can bury my head in a good book!

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