Did You Know – Egg Yolk…

Wow, that’s a lot of egg yolks! I have only had two but about two years ago I had a serious of about 12 eggs with double yolks more or less one after the other. 

Some people wonder if it’s safe to eat a double yolk egg. Not sure why to be honest. Maybe because it’s just not normal… but if you wondered:

The answer is that it’s not only perfectly safe to eat, but is said to bring good luck when you find them. 

What causes the double yolk? A double yolk occurs in an egg when a chicken releases two yolks into the same shell. Double yolks are usually produced by young chickens. Since their reproductive systems have not fully matured, they periodically release two yolks instead of one. Double yolks can also come from older chickens nearing the end of their egg producing period.

I haven’t seen a double yolk egg in a while. I can tell you one thing though: When I get the next one it will definitely be mine to eat πŸ˜‰

20 thoughts on “Did You Know – Egg Yolk…

  1. Like you. I’ve only seen two egg yolks at most in a single egg. As much as I love egg yolk, I still prefer the white part of the egg any day – makes me less full and room for more food πŸ˜€

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  2. Every once in a while our wonderful neighbors share eggs from their chickens. We’ve had several double-yolked ones. They always make me smile — the yolks and the neighbors. Maybe the yolks and the yokels.

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  3. Love egg yolks especially when they are soft…you like it and it oozes out….

    2 yolks in an egg seems to be a lucky omen. One time I was getting one after another, batches after batches and I began to conclude that there must be some hormones injection there! Not an uncommon knowledge either!

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  4. And you can also have an egg inside an egg! This happened with the largest egg laid on a farm owned by one of my friends, actually my former neighbor and still BFF. The big egg had a full egg inside surrounded by egg white and weighed 5.5 ounces. Comments on the very graphic pictures they posted mainly touched on how painful delivery must have been!

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