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Don’t you sometimes watch in awe when little kids do their first steps and on their wobbly feet march towards their parents to then fall into their open arms? They are so sure that they will be caught, that their parents will prevent them from getting hurt. They simply trust.

I think trust is an incredible thing. Incredibly strong but also incredibly easy to destroy. It’s something that is there in a way but also has to be built up. The interesting thing is that we do not only influence trust in other people by our actions but also trust we have in our abilities.

I find it intriguing that we can be thrown off by an action of someone from the outside and that what ever they did to us not only influences the trust we had in that very person but it actually leaves us there wondering if we can trust other people or even ourselves.

We’ve all made our experiences in this regard. We gave it all and got disappointed. It’s just what life is (as well). I do think though that we need to learn to trust ourselves again. Trust in our abilities and also in our judgment of other people. Trust our gut, our instincts.

I often wish I could be that little girl again that wobbles along and simply trusts that the people around her won’t let anything harm her. That little girl that believes that they will catch her when she falls.

Unfortunately I have learned, that it’s not always the case. People don’t always catch you when you fall. Sometimes they make sure they don’t fall first. Or sometimes they simply don’t care.

In any case, I’m also thankful for the experience that thought me that people don’t always catch you. Because it has also taught me that I have to catch myself when I fall. And that’s a pretty good lesson to learn.

It does take time, you know. Just like that little child you will fall and hurt yourself over and over again until you have found the balance it needs to not fall. And even when you have reached that point it doesn’t mean that every now and then you will stumble and land flat on your face or that you sometimes just slip and fall. You also know though, that you can lift yourself up and get up again and that you can trust that ability for sure. You can trust yourself to pull yourself back up and stand tall again. Sometimes all by yourself and sometimes with the help of a hand reaching out to you.

Trust is an interesting thing. Because often we believe we are no longer able to trust and yet we do. Because we get up every single day and do it all over again. We take the risk of falling the moment we get out of bed. And I personally think it’s a great thing…

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9 thoughts on “Trust – #atozchallenge

  1. Excellent post. I love the reference to a child’s capacity to trust. I guess we get jaded by experience as we age. I struggle to reestablish trust with someone who has betrayed my trust once before. I find myself second guessing everything they say & do, looking for the signs of deceit. And I think you’re correct – my issue is just as much about whether I can trust my own judgement or perceptions now. If I was blind to the deceit once, can I trust myself not to walk into that trap again?
    Thought provoking & honest post on trust 👏🏼

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  3. This has been something I’ve explored in depth and lived with all my life due to disability and chronic health issues. Even the ground which people take for granted and think it solid to walk on, has tripped me up. Caused me grief. However, over time I’ve become a lot stronger in myself. Or, to use the buzz word: “resilient”. I let a lot more stuff go through to the keeper as well.
    My kids are both Scouts and as much as you might joke about the scouting motto: “Be Prepared”, that is so important.
    xx Rowena

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