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Many years ago when I thought about starting blogging for the first time I had this vision. A vision of a successful blogger, typing away, changing lives, educating people, making a change in the world. I had this vision of this blogger who knew what he was writing about, never doubting that what he or she put out there would be right. I had this vision of a blogger who never struggled to come up with words or subjects to write about, filling page after page after page. And I had this vision of all those people reading every single post that was written, soaking it up as if it was the first rays of nice warm sunshine after a icy cold night.

Maybe it was my vision that kept me from starting my blog earlier.

Because, let’s be honest, if you envision bloggers to be like this then you have to be pretty confident to enter the pond. And confidence is something I often struggle with. I knew back then that I would not be able to state the facts needed to write the posts I had in my vision.

Until the day my vision changed. I had a different vision. I had the vision of me blogging. Writing what I love to write about, from my heart, sharing my thoughts, my ideas, my way of seeing the world. Just typing along and just writing. I had the vision that maybe people would find my posts and read them. I had the vision that I would make some connections and exchange some thoughts with people out there. And so I did it.

I’m glad that I kind of “changed” my vision. That I revisited the way I see blogging and made it mine. I guess that is what it is all about. You have to make your vision yours and not someone else’s. I also know now that I could have most likely made it to this super blogger if I would have put more effort in. But it would not have been me. This here is supposed to me my “island”. A place I come to to share thoughts, visions maybe too, feelings sometimes. Without pressure, without labeling. Something that would not be possible if I would want to bring it to where the blogger was in my vision. It would be more like a job.

I think we need visions in our life and depending on the area of our lives we need to make them bigger or smaller. I agree, you have to dream big to reach high and in areas where it’s really worth it you should never go for less. But it’s you who decides which area this should happen in.

You dream big, you reach high and you have this vision. You envision your success, the way you get there and you do it. The tricky thing is to not let your vision and the way you envision it to happen throw you off. It’s a picture you paint and usually in our pictures we have it all go smoothly. But it never does, right? So we will encounter those bumps in our path although we have not envisioned them. And that can possibly through us off. Then it’s time to adjust our vision. Without losing the end of it, the goal, the true vision out of sight. It’s all about adjusting the way to get there and not to drop it completely.

A vision is a strong driver, a strong tool but it can also be a strong obstacle if we are not willing to add on to it or shape it slightly along the way. With every step we take and move we make, with every day we grow, we learn, we change. So for me it’s a no brain-er that our vision eventually has to grow and change too. Adjust to who we become along the way. One thing though your vision should never lose is the focus to what is in front of you, in your future.

A vision will always pull you forward. And it should always be yours.

A to Z Challenge 2017

11 thoughts on “Vision – #atozchallenge

  1. This had me thinking back to when I first started ……. so much of what I experienced! It also helped me see that all our visions in life have no guarantees of turning out how we envision them. You just take the leap and hope for the best. 🙂 Congrats on your progress with A to Z!!!

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  2. Great post on vision. When I started blogging, I just jumped in, with both feet, had no clue why or what I was looking for…just started to share some of my writing, throw it out there and see if anyone cared enough to read or comment. I was pleasantly surprised…and still am ! Thanks, Sandra.

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  4. I am going to reflect on this as I go to sleep now and hopefully let it filter through. I had a terrible nightmare last night, so am hoping for sweet dreams tonight. I’m really enjoying your A-Z, even though I’m doing it in reverse. I am missing the sign up page this year and struggling to find other A-Zers, I haven’t known before.
    xx Rowena

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    • Yes, me too. I thought the sign up page made it much easier to find A-Zers I’d like to check out. It’s hard to go through all the comments to pick up on a post or a blog that I’d like to go read.

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      • That’s how I found out you were doing it and I’m pleasedI was prompted to pop around as I’ve always enjoyed your blog and I’ve been rather caught up in Tassie this year and need to start popping around more.

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