X-Men and X-Fit

I know, I know… first of all you’d write Cross-Fit and not use the X. But X is the letter of the day and hey, I’m just writing about the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. So I wonder if the X-Men gang is doing X-fit? I mean look at all those muscles and that’s what cross-fit is about, right? A fit and toned, muscular body. At least it seems so.

Now me choosing the above meme could give the impression that I don’t take cross-fit seriously. Believe me that’s not the case. I have a lot of respect for everyone engaging in it as I find it super intense. So good on you guys! And I also don’t have the impression people talk more about it than people doing Zumba, Yoga or Jazzercise. I think we like talking about what we love to do.

One of my favorite yoga instructors actually does cross-fit too and I can’t stretch how much of an inspiring pocket rocket she is. This young woman has power and she handles the combination of the two really well. It made me giggle when she told me about having a cross-fit background after one of our classes. I kind of knew that those kind of muscles would most likely not just come from yoga. I seriously would have never thought about combining the two “styles” as in my mind they couldn’t be much further apart. But hey, she managed and is just so very inspiring.

So back to the X-Men. I find them really fantastic. Entertaining for sure. And of course they all are a mountain of muscles. So I figure they put a lot of work into their bodies, most likely with a fitness program like cross-fit. And that is great. They manage to fight villains and protect the world thanks to it.

When it comes to me, I rather have them do it. As much as I admire everyone doing x-fit, as certain I am that it’s not for me. It’s too much. Not because I’m lazy but because I have to head to a gym to do it and I have to let someone “scream” at me to motivate me. Both things I do not like. So I rather do my stuff at home although it most likely will never make me look like one of the X-Men.

Not that I would really want to…

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11 thoughts on “X-Men and X-Fit

  1. I am not a big fan of exercise in general (unless practiced in Denmark, but that’s a whole other story), but X-Fit is a definite “no” for me. Because I have this ridiculous rule that I don’t do things that very well might make me puke, on purpose.

    I agree with you, let’s leave it to the cross-Men! šŸ˜‰

    Have a great weekend, Momma! xx

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  2. It has barely been a week since a joined CrossFit. I don’t think I feel my body anymore… And so far, I have kept mum about it!

    It does bring a structure to my exercise regime though – which I plan to bring home after a few months. Gyms are just… off-putting!

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  3. All that fitness is way beyond me, although I have been doing some adult dance classes and walking. Not looking like the xmen myself, sounds like a great justification for not doing it.
    I am having enough trouble trying to read other people’s A-Z posts and am starting to wonder whether fast typing counts as a form of exercise? Any thoughts?
    xx Rowena

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