Zesty Roundup – #atozchallenge

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It’s done. With the end of April comes the end of the A to Z Challenge which means that I don’t have to wreck my brain anymore coming up with a post about the first word for the specific letter that came to my mind. So I thought I would dedicate my roundup for this year’s challenge to the letter Z. Zesty is what came to my mind.

It was fun. And just like a zesty fruit that leaves a certain note in your mouth this challenge has left me with some thoughts.

There are so many words out there and if you focus on them you can actually create a pretty good number of posts. Even if you feel like your brain is not really in the game. Or even if you feel like you are suffering from writer’s block.

I’m not claiming that my posts were of high standard but hey, I managed to cover all letters from A to Z or better from Anticipation to Zesty.

The couple of bloggers who run the A to Z Challenge (I have so much respect for you guys, this is truly not an easy task!) have done a great job once more. They have slightly changed the format of the challenge and I wonder if that was the reason why April this year saw way less viewers on my blog than last year. I guess without the sign up list it is slightly more difficult to pick new bloggers to discover, especially if you are short in time and can’t just brows through the comments on the challenge page. But maybe it’s just a normal reaction to my lack of time to venture out and visit blogs and read and comment as much as I usually do.

So the zesty-ness of the A to Z challenge also reminds me of making time again in order to be able to read more and comment more. Not only do I miss certain bloggers posts but it also reflects on my Picks Of The Week which have been featuring short lists of posts to share.

So here we are, the lemon is peeled, the zest is off and April is over. The A to Z challenge has passed by and left me with many posts yet to discover and some new connections but also with the plan to get back into my usual blogging routine. So watch out 😉

8 thoughts on “Zesty Roundup – #atozchallenge

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  2. And it is yellow again… lol! You are right, having a word and letting it develop within you always makes great posts! I love this kind of inspiration a lot and at times when nothing special is on my mind, I create my posts like this. Congrats to your achievement, Sandra!

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