Australia is well known for it’s special, unique and also dangerous animals. One of the things that have fascinated me from the very beginning are the different kind of jelly fish that are lethal. While the box jelly is one you can actually spot and hope that you spot its body before the tentacles get to you, the Irukandji is tiny. Thankfully we do not have to worry about either of them down here in Australia’s South. Up in the North it’s a different story though and during certain times of the year you should not enter the water without either wearing a stinger suit or swimming in one of the netted areas. And even there you have no guarantee to not encounter an Irukandji.

It took us 9 years living in Australia before actually encountering the first snake in the wild. We were on a hike and it was suddenly in front of us. It disappeared very quickly which was good. My heart was racing as my son was right next to me and I can’t imagine what I would have done if it would have bitten him. He still claims that it was only a baby black-headed python but I’m not so sure about it. It think it might as well have been a tiger snake, which is one of the venomous snakes in Australia. In any case, I’m glad we actually didn’t have the time to make sure we can properly label it.

One of the locals everywhere in the coastal region of Australia is the shark. Again, I have never seen one from up close in the wild and I’m glad this is so. I do honestly think that we should cut them some slack. After all it’s not as if they jump out of the water, chase us along the beach and eat us there. When we enter the ocean we enter their habitat and actually their food bowl. I also believe that if you consider some simple rules you will be much safer too. Never swim in murky water, never swim after heavy rain and close to where rivers flow into the ocean. Basically don’t swim in the middle of the food they like to eat.


The one thing I can’t share with you here is a picture of a big spider as I always chicken out when I see one. Danger, I think! So just google huntsman spider and you will find some nice pics from many people…


18 thoughts on “Danger

  1. Have you actually seen a huntsman spider?!!! I would die of shock if I ever saw one!
    I have always wanted to visit Australia, but I keep seeing pictures of some pretty scary spiders. I didn’t know about the jelly fish. Thanks for adding to my list of “things that now terrify me”! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hi there, Momma πŸ™‚

    Your post gave me a quick trip back to Guinea, where I lived for 5 years… The sharks, manta rays and jelly fish in the sea’s waters, and the varans, mamba snakes and black panthers on land… Danger lurking everywhere, but as you said, we were on their territory πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ xx

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  3. I’ll forgo the pleasure of looking at your spiders. Had to laugh, though, at your saying we enter the shark’s food bowl when we go in the ocean. I never thought of it that way! Excellent point!

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  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4496362/Police-spot-25-great-white-sharks-California-coast.html
    Check out these links for what I would have thought were some unusual dangers recently noted near where I used to live. When I googled to find these articles, I was surprised to see that sharks are not that unusual in these coastal waters as there were a few reports of sightings in previous years. The scary and dangerous part about what’s been seen this year is that there has not been as large a group of them at one time before!

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    • Oh I saw this! And funny enough we just watched an episode of Hawaii 5-O the other day and they talked about Great Whites in Hawaii’s waters. We thought that made a mistake and then googled it and obviously Great White’s love warm water too and mix and mingle in Hawaii as well…

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    I met a new friend recently, who just moved to Australia from Canada. We had a good laugh as she has seen a couple of the “dangerous locals” already in her first couple of weeks here in this country. For us it took much longer to spot one… The good thing is: We all are still alive and kicking. It’s not really as bad here as some people might think…


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