It’s the only way! But then as a mother you have the duty to “protect your children from the creepy crawly” so you gotta do what you gotta do…

In my case the conversation would go:

To my children: “Wait, I need to go get something to take care of it…”

Before I walk away I turn to the spider and say: “I give you a fair warning. You can now leave and please head outside and just disappear and we act as nothing has ever happened. Or you can cooperate when Itry to catch you to throw you outside. If you don’t the next option will not end well for you…”

Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it doesn’t. I really don’t like to kill spiders and I rarely do but sometimes, when they are the big venomous once I admit that I can’t help myself…

 spider GIF

29 thoughts on “Spiders

  1. I once lived in a basement suite that was absolutely filled with spiders. They were literally crawling through the woodwork. My then boyfriend now husband took a roll of duct tape and taped every hole and crack he could find. It eventually worked, but there were many other things wrong with the suite so I eventually moved. I wonder what the landlord thought when she saw all the duct tape!

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  2. Spiders have their place in the balance of nature but I tend to agree with you that inside our homes we want nature’s scales to be tipped heavily in our favor. Outside the house and yard I tend to let the native fauna fend for itself. Even our fabled fire ants serve to keep the tick population under control.

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  3. Oh my. That photo! You are one tough gal! Also fearless spider handler! I was but my a brown recluse several years ago – jerk apparently was hiding in my shoe ….

    So now I just have a panic attack when I see them (small or large). I almost lost my toe!!! I just chat get over it, wondered to you lovely! You protect your home and with pride!! I am crossing my fingers that your chats with this ugly guys continues to work 🙂 ♥️

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  4. You are in Australia, right? Which means your spiders are like Mack trucks! The Dude and I once encountered one on a pillow in a motel that was so huge and scary we thought it was a ‘pretend’ joke spider. Then it moved.

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  5. I really don’t like spiders and what you said sounds a bit familiar to what I say to them… lol! When they are in the cellar… I really don’t care anymore. I even talk to them and just take care I don’t step on them. But when they are elsewhere in the house the have to leave. The big ones I catch with a glass and put outside.
    I got really good in that. There were times when I had panic attacks seeing a bigger one. But I worked on myself and once I held a tarantula in my hands it lost the fear – not the disgust but the fear!

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