Hello Liebster Award


I’ve said it a couple of times before: Nothing beats being nominated for one of the amazing blogging awards out there. Yes, I agree, they sort of mean “work” when you accept them but it’s nice work.

Thank you so very much, Confessions Of A Reborn Girl, for nominating me. If you don’t know her blog yet, please go and check it out. At least read her answers to the questions she was asked for her award acceptance post. They are truly inspiring, just like the rest of her writings. I just had a quick look at the questions she is asking and I can’t wait to answer them!

First, as always, to the rules:

  1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
    Done ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
    So ready for it!
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
    Oh boy…
  4. Nominate 11 blogs.
  5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
    Will do
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer.


11 Questions For Me To Answer:

  1. Whatโ€™s one of the biggest but hilarious mistakes youโ€™ve made?
    I think it would have to be one of my language mistakes I made… Just right after we moved to Australia our American friend helped us assemble IKEA furniture. I was using their tools but it was so hard to assemble the piece I was working at. While my husband was putting together something in a different room our friend and I were in the living room. I finally decided to grab a proper screw driver and realized how much easier it was. Of course I wanted everyone to know and said something down the line of “with a tool like this I could happily screw all day…”

    Image result for image ikea assembly

    Random fact about me: Sometimes I talk before I think about what I’m about to say…

  2. Why did you start blogging?
    You might already know my answer: I always used to write and blogging finally gave me the outlet I needed. I’m glad I started this blog as it has given me so much over the short time I blog. So many connections, so much I’ve learned.

    Random fact about me: When I was little I wrote short stories. Most of the time about a Zebra… and no, I don’t have those stories anymore.

  3. What would you do with a million dollars?
    Invest it smartly and maybe buy a house. Also give some to a charity.

    Random fact about me: I believe that you can be either a lucky gambler or lucky in life but not both…

  4. Where is your happy place? Why is it your happy place?
    My happy place is in me. I always thought I need a place for it but realized that it can be on the beach, in a forest, on a mountain or at home on the sofa. So it’s me that creates it. Therefor it is in me. The beach and the forest is top of the list though…

    Random fact about me: There used to be a specific part on my drive home back in Switzerland and when I reached it it felt like I can breathe deeper and I’m entering a totally different world…
  5. Whatโ€™s your favorite literary genre? Why?
    I guess I’m not that kind of book fan. I just love to read. From Goethe’s Faust to Dan Brown books, Sรผsskind’s Perfume or the Gone Girl. If a book captures me then it’s a good book.

    Random fact about me: I love a good book but I’m not analyzing them. That’s why you will never get a proper book review from me…

  6. Whatโ€™s one of the best gifts youโ€™ve received?
    My children and my husband. Also my friends. I consider all of them a massive gift.

    Random fact about me: I’m shocking when it comes to picking gifts. My brain goes blank the moment I head out. Best for me is writing down ideas over time so when the day comes I can fall back on that list…

  7. How many stereotypes does your existence contradict? (Feel free to describe them.)
    Wow… to be honest I don’t think my existence is contradicting any stereotypes… Having said that… I was born before my parents got married and my dad was still married to his first wife. So given the time it might be a miracle that my mother did not get rid of me back in the days.

    Random fact about me: Although I was the biological daughter of my dad I had to be adopted by him as he was not married to my mother at the time I was born…

  8. What are your favorite things about your life?
    That I live it the way I live it. The challenges I face, the solutions to them. The people in my life. How far I came, how I have grown. The lessons I’ve learned. And what will still be ahead of me.

    Random fact about me: I’m very content with my life.

  9. Whatโ€™s one of your hobbies besides blogging?
    Hiking, putting my feet in water and horses. Although I don’t spend time with horses again I still consider it one of my biggest hobbies. I spent so much time with them. And I really want to go horseback riding again soon.

    Random fact about me: I was able to ride my horse bare back and without bridle or anything else on her head and was able to do a simple dressage program…

  10. Coffee or tea? Whatโ€™s your favorite brew?
    While I’m typing this I’m enjoying a cup of coffee. In the morning though it would have to be tea. I don’t do well with coffee first thing. So a glass of water followed by a cup of tea is how I start my morning. And then about an hour after it I start craving a coffee… My favorite brew? Can’t name any. I go by taste. Again: I either like it or not.

    Random fact about me: I’m not a coffee snob but I don’t like coffee when it has not taste or is too weak…

  11. Do you think the world is getting better or worse? Why?
    You often hear that the world is getting worse. I’m not sure. There were always huge challenges. There were always bad people and things seemed often out of hand. And it’s still the case. Maybe it’s because I got myself surrounded by like minded people but I feel that there is actually a lot of good out there and it’s coming to the surface. So I just hope it keeps going that way.

    Random fact about me: I once hoped to become the first world leader and shoot everyone on the moon (or further) who is trying to mess with world peace…


My nominees are (I’m aware that you might be an award free blog, please just see it as me appreciating you and maybe you find the questions inspiring and answer them still in a post???):

All In A Dad’s Work
Snoozing On The Sofa
Coach Daddy
Just Plain Ol’ Vic
Erika Kind
Ramblings Of K
Hunt’s Clubhouse
Poems And Petals
Out An’ About
Mehrling Muse

Now to the questions I’d like to ask my nominees. I admit I fall back on the ones greendogchronicles asked Confession Of A Reborn Girl as I loved them and I definitely look forward to reading your answers:


  1. If you could erase a moment in your life, which would it be and why?

  2. Whoโ€™s your favourite literary heroine?

  3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

  4. Do you like to cook? And what is your go to dish?

  5. Who would you change lives with if given the chance? Why?

  6. What would you never change about yourself?

  7. What would you tell your younger self?

  8. If you could fast forward 20 years, would you? Why or why not?

  9. What superpower would you like to have, mind reading or strength?

  10. Who is your hero?

  11. What would you want people to know about you instantly and why?


It’ was fun once more ๐Ÿ™‚



40 thoughts on “Hello Liebster Award

  1. Nice! Thanks for this. I’ll do it, and it won’t be the first time, but it’s different every time, isn’t it? I totally get that feeling of being someplace you can breathe deeper – it’s definitely a thing.

    so good to be back here!

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  2. Thank you very much for nominating me. It is an honor. At the moment I have one other ahead of this one, and I don’t think I’m going to get to it. I’m struggling to keep up with responses to my blog. I would like to do it to give more exposure to some very deserving people I follow. Here is a promise that I will try. I am enjoying your posts and am glad you were nominated. Good going!

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  3. So many wonderful answers, Sandra. I love what you wrote about number 11 but you might have guessed ๐Ÿ˜ and I laughed again about the screwing mistake… lol! Sorry, that I am late but I thank you so much for the nomination. As always – and most of all these days – I hope you don’t mind me reblogging your post. But please know that I appreciate your nomination so very much, meine liebste Freundin๐Ÿ’–

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  4. Reblogged this on Erika Kind and commented:
    Such a surprise to receive one of my “liebsten” awards again. I thank my dear Swisstralian friend so very much for the nomination for the Liebster Award. She truly is one of my “liebsten” friends! I like that award also because “Liebster” is a German word (it means “most loved”). Again, thank you very much, dear Sandra!

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  6. Nice to get to know you better. I agree with you that since I started blogging more in the new year, I’ve been surrounded by positive people from all over the world. It’s been wonderful! Some of your answers were too funny like the Ikea one. Well, nice to meet you. Have a great day!

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