You might think “again?” But bare with me, this is not about what is currently going through my mind but just my take on the Weekly Photo Challenge. Having said that, I might actually do some reflecting too…

I love the reflecting light on water, the silver or golden color it can give the ocean and I found that the artist who created that massive stingray sculpture did a fantastic job in choosing the material that allowed the light to reflect as well.

I love the reflecting light on snow as well and I wish it would have been easy years ago to capture the light of the full moon on fresh snow. The kind of snow that covers the ground when it’s super cold. The one you can actually see the snow crystals. When it sparkles like diamonds.

There is so much beauty out there. When a ray of sunshine finds its way through as if it is a spotlight trying to capture whatever is on the surface of the water. If you don’t look up that very moment you miss out on the beauty of it.

We don’t look up that often anymore.

As children you are constantly out there to discover. Maybe it has changed too but I still find they are living so much more in the moment than we do. They want to see the magical things out there and they try to spot whatever could be hidden somewhere. We need to play the I spy with my little eye game again and actually spy the bird flying passed, the picture the cloud has formed by coincident, the different shades of red, purple or pink in a evening or morning sky.

All of it are things that can never be recreated in the stunning way that you see them in when you first spot them…

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