My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #19

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I was thinking about how fast the last week passed by once again. I know why the days seem to fly passed me over the last months. I know that I don’t live in the day, in the moment at this point. My mind is focused on things that are in the future and I can’t help myself. It’s this constant thinking about that moment in the near future that robs me of living in the moment. It’s that focusing on that one day that makes me speed through the weeks without really noticing what I’m doing and when. It’s the reason why I have to think for a moment when people ask me what I have done on a certain day.

Frankly, it’s an awful feeling and I know it needs to go. Because all I have is in the moment. Nothing is certain just the one thing that is happening right now. “Live in the moment” I tell myself over and over. And I know I’m getting there again 🙂

Hope you enjoy my picks of this week and I wish you all a very happy weekend 🙂

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