Share Your World – May 15th, 2017

Time for answering a couple of questions again. Questions that Cee poses week after week in her Share Your World series.

Questions have so much power I find. They can be the opener of a deep conversation. Like yesterday when I asked a lady in the park if she was as blond as her little daughter is when she was a child and she told me about her partner and that he used to be so blond. I thought she referred to the past in the sense of him having been so blond when he was a child but then she kept going and mentioned that he had passed away. Although that sort of stopped the chat there we then picked it up and kept going and I found myself ending up having a deep conversation about love and life with a complete stranger. Triggered by one simple question…

So here we go, time for Cee’s Q&A:

How many languages do you you speak?
My mother tongue is Swiss German. It’s not officially a language in the sense that it’s not learned or spoken in school. So that’s why my second language would be German because once you go to school you read and write and speak in German.

As a country with multiple languages we then also learned French because it’s the second biggest language in Switzerland. For a while I also took Italian and Spanish lessons but nothing really stuck. And then of course English…

I can comfortably have conversations in English, German and Swiss German. As I have not used French over the last 10 years I struggle to get back into it but I can definitely read it and if I have time to “adjust” can get back into having a conversation too. It just takes a little while until I find the drawer somewhere in the back of my brain ;-). Italian I would understand probably 70% of it but I would not be able to speak it. I think I have mentioned it before but I would love to pick up Spanish again. I found it such a beautiful language. And Portuguese but the Brazilian Portuguese.

What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating?
Right now or in general? I just returned from my morning walk with the dogs and have had a toast with smashed avocado, some fresh herbs and a sunny side up egg. I have finished my cup of tea (before the walk I had a big glass of lemon water) and will now make me a cup of coffee.


It’s 8am while I’m typing this. I’m not watching anything at the moment. Sometimes I turn on the TV and have it on in the background with one of the morning shows on. Just to pick up on some news. But not very often. Today I wanted to get this post done so I have not read any posts but normally it’s what I would do first. I would get up, quickly scroll through online news, then check FB and then read some posts in my WordPress reader. And then I would read through the comments. Sometimes I start with the comments though.

In general see above to my start into the day. I love to read all kind of books, as long as they are entertaining. I often decide to no longer watch the news because there is too much negative going on but then get back into the habit because I also find it important to know what is happening. So I’m constantly torn in regards to news. I love to watch certain TV shows but mostly when I can watch a couple after another as I really dislike cliffhangers.

When it comes to eating and drinking… I guess I’m an all-rounder. There is not much I don’t eat. I love salads, vegetables, fruits, healthy and unhealthy carbs and meat. And I really enjoy cooking.

What was the last photo you took with your phone?
The last photo I took with my phone was one of my daughter standing in front of the TV, watching one of her favorite shows and pulling her hair up. She had no clue I was taking the picture but I found it such a beautiful moment that I couldn’t help myself. As I do not post pics of my children I will post the last one I took without any of my kids in, which was on my morning walk yesterday. Spotting this leave meant a lot to me and I considered it a sign. Also because all the trees in the proximity of where it was lying had completely different leaves… It was one of those moments I knew my Dad was with me and wanted to let me know that he loves me.

What is your favorite time of day?
Hard one… Maybe the time in the morning when everything is still quiet? Or then the golden hour in the evening. But to be honest every moment can be special and especially beautiful. I do love my sunsets though…

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
Closure. Being able to finally close the book on something that was going on for way too long. It’s been overdue and I’m glad it’s finally here.


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17 thoughts on “Share Your World – May 15th, 2017

  1. Ha, I also have a DeLonghi machine! God, how I can relate to what you wrote about getting back into French… sooooo long ago and I never really liked it… haha! But what is different between us is the mother tongue. I had to “learn” the dialect but spoke German. So funny, I never thought about that!

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    • Must be hard… I never felt learning German was hard but then I listened to so many Biene Maya cassettes when I was little and Die Drei ??? or TKKG and I guess that made it easier. Some of the kids in my school really struggled and sometimes it almost seemed as if they had to learn a completely different language to me…


  2. Long story here, similar to some of your encounters in this post. I belong to a fiction book club where we have read some recent popular books centered around WWII and the Holocaust. One of the other members lived through that as a gentile child in Germany, while my Jewish dad and his mother were fortunate to get out and spend those years in England before coming to the US. This lady and I have learned these facts about each other through discussion of these books, where she has expressed some guilt and I have expressed some anger.
    I recently discovered some old family photos and documents, many in German, including some related to my dad’s late cousin, who I discovered through the internet had died at Auschwitz. I am trying to reconstruct my dad’s story during the “refugee” period of his life, and I know he and his cousin spent some time together in Holland before his mom was able to get both of them over to England, unfortunately leaving his cousin behind.
    At our last book club meeting I worked up the nerve to tell this story to the guilt-ridden German lady I mentioned, hoping to get her assistance in translating some of the documents. Fortunately, I was able to lighten the story by including a mention of some of my other discoveries about Dad’s pre-Mom life, describing for her the letters from the girlfriends Dad had known in L.A. in the time after he arrived there before he and Mom met, as well as photos of him with his arm around unknown women and even more photos of him as a younger boy with some of his fellow students, riding bikes or standing in front of his English school building!

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