The Story Carried By The Wind

I’ve been out there again. Walking along the beach today. It was a calm day, not many people on the beach and even the seal that every now and then finds some peace on said beach wasn’t around. The water was calm, some grey clouds hanging around. While walking my my head was silent. It doesn’t often happen. No thoughts. Just my breathing, the sound of my steps in the sand and he gentle splashing of the couple small waves.

I walked for quite a while, the dogs happily running in front of me. I don’t know exactly why I stopped. I guess it was about taking a little break and rather than keeping my focus on what was in front of me turning to the water and looking at it. And while I was standing there a slight breeze touched me. It’s probably not the right expression. But it honestly felt like the wind touched me. Touched my face, my hair, my arms. And that was it. It came, it went.

And it left me standing there full of emotions. It felt like a hug from my Dad. Felt like his way of saying hi to me. It made me smile and while I continued my walk I started thinking about the wind and the places it’s been. The many things and people it touches on its journey.

I like to think of it like that. Seeing it covering this planet. Thinking of it like a child that is on an adventure. Sometimes gentle and playful and other times angry and harsh. There was something like a movie playing in my head. I saw how the wind traveled over mountains, oceans, deserts  and through forests. I watched how it played with the snow, the sand the leaves. How it made the waves faster. I watched how it played with the hair of little girls or how it blew dust in eyes of people. So many things. And I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things you would experience and see if you’d be the wind. The tears the laughter you would encounter. The struggles, the happiness. The beauty and the ugly, the naughty and nice.

I wondered what kind of stories the wind would tell if you could sit down with it around a campfire. I wonder what it would tell us. And I wondered how the voice would sound like. Maybe like my Dad. He was a great storyteller. His way of telling them captured you.

And while I kept walking feeling incredibly calm and with another smile on my face I realized something special. although I thought that I said a final goodbye a bit over a year ago he will always be there in one way or another.


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